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Posted by Eva taylor on April 26th, 2019

If you are stressed about your periods and the agony you have to go through month after month, then buy period panty online and keep yourself protected from the embarrassing incidents caused by leakage and stains. Period panties not only take care of stains and leakage issues, but also do away with odor issues, which often accompany menstruation. The most recognized brand of period panties is PantiePads and UndiePads. These panties have been serving women with best features and benefits, making the lives of females easier and more comfortable than ever before. 

With the availability of these period protection panties, the lives of women changed for the better. It is nothing short of a revolution in the personal hygiene sector. These panties look like any standard or regular panty but come with loads of features and benefits. The major feature is its built-in pads that easily absorbs menstrual flow and prevents from leaks and stains. Now, there’s no reason at all to be coughed off guard with sudden stains on the clothing or sheets. Another great feature is that these panties are disposable, so there’s no need for washing dirty panties as with other brands, these you just wear and toss away. Each pair comes with its own sealable bag for a convenient, discreet disposal. 

This period panty works quite efficiently with its waterproof base and add-on soaking capacity that keeps the wearer dry and prevents blood from seeping out and causing stains. The underwear is made from hypoallergenic material that ensures no allergic reactions for the wearer. These panties have proven to be a boon for women, especially young girls who have just started menstruating and are extremely fearful of embarrassing accidents. Each pair of UndiePads and PantiePads is individually wrapped and comes with a carrying bag, so it’s easy to keep one at home, in the office, in the schools locker, backpack, or even in the car. You never know when Mother Nature calls, so it’s always good to be prepared for those unexpected visits. 

Why women love period protection panties?

Here are a few benefits of Women’s underwear for period.

These panties are worn just like regular panties and are comfortable to wear. The difference is that these are disposable and they come with a built-in pad that keeps menstrual blood flow in check.

The underwear is quite stylish in looks and is available in many colors, patterns and sizes. It is available for women across all age-groups.

The underwear provides protection for up to 12 hours, day or night. 

The pad inside does not shift or bunch up, and always stays in place, unlike a regular sanitary napkin that keeps unsticking and shifting. 

Advanced technology keeps you dry and protected, while also eliminating the unpleasant odor. 

The panties deter the growth of harmful bacteria by absorbing excess body moisture. This way, the wearer is safe, protected, dry and completely relaxed. 

It provides maximum coverage from back to front and side to side so that women can feel comfortable and confident. 

The fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, so not only is it good for menstruating women but also does no harm to Mother Earth. 

With the market embracing the product whole-heartedly, it is easily available for women who choose to feel safe, secure and protected during their monthlies. PantiePads and UndiePads have become a favorite among women worldwide. Featured in many reputable magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Allure and Parents magazine, and winner of the Women’s Choice Award. 

Buy yourself some period panties and see for yourself how good it feels to have a “happy period”. 

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