Sunbridge Software Services Inc. Announces Multi-Year Deal

Posted by Mangesh Divekar on April 26th, 2019

April 13'2019: Sunbridge Software Services Inc. recently announced the deal they signed with one of America's leading multi-channel restaurant chain company. The deal has been signed to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for managing and operating their supply chain and financial operations.

The MS Dynamics Business Central is a complete ERP business management system that brings together all the processes including operations, financials, sales and services. The restaurant chain company hopes to unify finance management and supply chain in order to improve reporting and control.

A multi-channel restaurant chain company could have a hard time keeping track of its supplies, sales and finances. With the MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, it is possible to simplify the business processes by bringing all these processes under one roof. By streamlining the process, it becomes easier to take better decisions and also to improve customer interaction. Sunbridge Software Services would help in designing and deploying customized Business Central model that fits the business model of the restaurant chain perfectly.

One of the main objectives of using MS Dynamics 365 Business Central is to automate and at the same time secure the supply chain. When the restaurant business is huge and spread around the country, it becomes difficult to know which restaurant needs which supplies. However, this software has a built-in intelligence which predicts the need to replenish the supplies. A spokesperson from Sunbridge explains, "the software updates the inventory precisely and predicts only what is needed at the moment. It becomes easy to reduce shortages and maximize profitability."

The MS Dynamics Business Central also focuses on the financials of the company. All the financial processes can be recorded under one roof. Be it accounting, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer interactions, everything is connected or linked. This makes checking out financial performance in real time and taking informed decisions, extremely easy as well as quick.

Apart from the above given advantages, the MS Dynamics 365 Business Central will help the restaurant chain in several other areas. The spokesperson of Sunbridge Software Services quoted, "With the use of this software, the company would be able to complete a multiple of functions and processes successfully. Improving customer service, optimizing their operations, completing projects on time and well within the budget, protecting the data, etc. are some of the things that one can achieve with the Business Central software."

Another advantage of using this software is that the owners of the restaurant chain company can operate the business from anywhere. It can be available both on cloud as well as on-premise. A mobile version of the same is also available on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Sunbridge has signed the contract with the multi-channel restaurant chain company in America for over three years. Apart from deploying the software and making sure that it runs seamlessly, Sunbridge will also offer customer support even after the operation is complete.

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