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The 6 important last minute tips to crack JEE advance 2019

Posted by kavyach on April 26th, 2019

With the JEE advance nearing in less than a month’s time, it is a very crucial period for all those who have cleared the JEE main 2019. With only few days left for the exam, here are a few tips that will help you prepare for the exam at the last moment

1. Revision Matters:

Stay calm and revise with your self notes. Instead of book reading, self notes helps in speedy revision.

2. Plan your approach:

You must have solved number of mock papers. Be affirm on your approach and time allocation for each section. Avoid negative marking. Completing the test in the stipulated time will give you confidence of success.

3. Eat properly:

Eat healthy food that keeps your brain active. Junk food will make you feel drowsy and you will not be able to concentrate on D-day.

4. Have a proper sleep:

Proper sleep is needed not just one night before exam. It is also needed at the time when you are preparing for exam. Brain cells need rest and regeneration. Therefore, sleep comfortably and wake up with a fresh mind to prepare.

5. Give test series:

Make sure you have your score target set and join a test series. Test series help you know where you stand and the weak areas you need to work on. Join the very perfect Narayana test series by Narayana IIT Academy Delhi.

6. Be ready for surprises:

JEE is known for its ‘Expect the unexpected’ nature.  You should be prepared for the situation that unexpected questions appear in the question paper. Do not let your mind get shocked if you witness this situation. Always remember, if its a surprise for you, its the same for each and every student.

At the end stay optimistic and have faith in yourself. All the best.

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