Thin Display Technology Market: Business Growth Analysis & Key Market Driver

Posted by surendra choudhary on April 26th, 2019

Thin display technology is most widely used technology in televisions laptops and desktops. Over the years, thin display technology has made a tremendous progress especially in televisions and mobile phones. It is preferred over traditional flat screen display because it takes less space, produces less noise, runs smoothly and produces less heat. Thin displays increases the aesthetics or look of a product making it more craving. Thin display are finding their widespread use in many new products, such as television, cellular phones, computers & laptops, personal digital assistants etc. There are two types of flexible displays available, electronic based paper display and flexible OLED displays. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology is widely used in making thin display, as organic LED use electroluminescent material which makes OLED flexible, lightweight, and transparent. In January 2017, LG had introduced its wallpaper TV that was just 2.6mm thin and lightweight Security and privacy concerns of person is one of the restraint of the GPS tacking devices market.

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In a number of cases, unauthorized data is obtained by service providers about geographic location of the consumer or the consumer’s vehicle. Another key restraint of the GPS tracking device market is loss of strategic data in case of cyber-attack. In cyber-attack, the attacker can get opportunity to known key information relating geographical positioning of an individual that can be hung on the walls with magnet. Currently, thin display technology is becoming so advance that the major companies like Samsung electronics and LG electronics are trying to make their displays as thin as possible along with flexible displays. Thin displays are flexible in nature as opposed to its traditional flat screen displays. The concept of flexible displays was first introduced by Xerox Parc. Further, Samsung has showcased its curved display features in Samsung galaxy note edge released in 2014 wherein curved screen edge of the phone was used for notifications and shortcuts.

The high demand of thin displays in smart phones and televisions are the major drivers for thin display technology. Furthermore, increasing demand of thin displays in advertisement is largely contributing to growth of thin display technology market. The other factors that can accelerate the thin display technology market is due to high demand of thin displays for portable electronic display and wearable electronics. The thin display market can further increase due to increasing population & increasing consumer spending. However manufacturing of thin display and increasing the durability and reliability of the ultra-thin display products could be one of the challenges for manufacturers. Manufacturers would have tough time to find components which could be bended so as to make flexible displays. Current technology dose not allows the battery to change its shape.

Geographically, thin display technology market can be segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, & Middle East & Africa and South America. Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the thin display market due to increase in demand for thin display in television and cellular phones in Asian market  .The rising population and increased consumer spending could help Asia pacific market to be dominant in the upcoming years. The companies within Asia are the major competitors for thin display technology market .These companies are continuously doing research to make displays more thinner as well flexible.

The thin display technology market can be segmented according to its technology into LCD display, thin film transistor (TFT) display, OLED display, electronic paper display, polymer dispersed liquid crystal display (PDLC), micro electro mechanical system. On the basis of screen type, thin display technology market is classified into flat screen displays and flexible displays. On the basis of applications, the thin display technology, the market is divided into television systems, mobile phones, desktops, laptops automotive, electronic paper etc.

Key players in the thin display technology include LG Display Co. Ltd, Samsung Co Ltd, Acreo Swedish ICT, Prelonic technologies, Dai Nippon Co Ltd, AU Optronics, PARC, E ink holdings, Enfucell, Planar, Sharp Corporation etc. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the thin display technology market, these players are making investments in research and development of thin display products to make it more efficient, flexible and reliable.

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