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Posted by Tonny Rossi on April 26th, 2019

While diving a knife can be a super handy piece of equipment to make your life easier. It can get you out of tricky situations while also helping to navigate tricky passages.

Choosing the Right Dive Knife

  1.       Blade

There are a number of different specifics to consider when choosing a dive knife. One of those is the type of material you will cutting, which will decide the type of blade you need. For some materials a serrated edge may be better while a smooth edge is more clinical. Most knives combine the two to give you a great all round knife. Look at what you will be doing the majority of the time and make a decision form there.

  1.       Length

The length of your knife is key to what you use it for. If you’re looking for a secondary knife that will be sparesly used, a more compact knife would be more suitable. A more hardcore knife may come with a longer blade to be used in tougher conditions. Don’t go overboard but don’t be caught short either.

  1.   Sheath

When choosing a knife make sure you get a good sheath. This is where the knife is stored when not in use and is similar to a holster for a gun. A good sheath will keep both you and the knife protected while ensuring it is secure to you at all times of your dive. Most knives come with a sheath as standard, they can often be overlooked but are a key component of your set up.

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