Woodworking Machinery - Tips For Using The Wood Polisher

Posted by TinaThomas on April 27th, 2019

Wood working Machine

Hardwood are a unique challenge when it comes to sanding and polishing. The hardness of the wood requires greater pressure to achieve a soft texture to the touch and to the sight, for which the type of portable woodworking machinery that is used is of vital importance to achieve a good product.

Even though hardwood have some disadvantages, there are also benefits. One of them is the fact that they are more difficult to deteriorate than softwoods. Within the portable woodworking machinery that we must have on hand to treat this type of wood, the sander or wood polisher occupies a predominant place.

The Appropriate Sand

As i thought about this, the polisher is a tool that rotates a disc covered with sandpaper at high speeds. These discs are available with various types of sandpaper, depending on the "grain". This can be 80, 120, 220 and others. The ones we have mentioned are the most used. The lowest number is the roughest and the one with the highest abrasive capacity. It is this one that you must use first.

As the work progresses you will notice that the greater the wood acquires a smooth texture, which indicates that you should use sandpaper of greater number and therefore less deterioration of the wood.

How To Polish Wood

The portable woodworking machinery is very diverse. However, all of them are very ductile and allow to work in different positions and directions. Whenever possible, try to tie in the direction of the grain of the wood and not against them. Polishers or sanders should be used in a circular way applying a slight uniform pressure so as not to damage the wood. Remember that the grain of the sandpaper can produce scratches on the surface, which goes against the purpose of the work.

The Adequate Pressure

The pressure must be uniform and adequate. We know that the pressure is the precise one, when the polisher slides without any effort on the wood. Remember that the machine and the disk do the work. If you feel that you must apply force to perform the work, it is because the disk may be worn or the machine is defective.

Wood working Machine


Portable woodworking machinery is a broad and diverse bouquet. The sander and/or polisher is an essential part of that group. Keep in mind that painted or varnished wood requires a different treatment. Make sure you have enough discs and the full range of "grains" possible.

Finally, if you want to do a job of excellence, we recommend not polishing the wood in a hurry. This is a labour of patience and love. If you would like more information about portable woodworking machinery or any type of machinery, please click here.

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