The Origin Of The Studded Dog Collar

Posted by nazeyo on April 28th, 2019

Understand that big old pet on the old Tom & Jerry cartoons? He wouldn't have appeared half so terrifying if one of his true creators hadn't determined to include a huge spiky studded pet collar! His name back the very early cartoons different from Butch to Monster but ultimately Spike caught and that continued to be his name till they ended making the cartoons. Remember his son? His name was Tyke, and he always sported a studded collar too.

So the thing that was the source of those interested collars? Following person tamed pet (or pet latched onto person as a good supply of food), persons shortly seen that pets could be qualified to do numerous useful careers, including pet herding dog collars and protection.

The historical Greeks and Romans used their pets for herding their livestock and as knight nations; they determined their pets needed some safety too in the proper execution of armor.

Wolves were always a challenge both in the plains and in mountainous regions and if they attacked your dog, they'd inevitably go for their weak brains and necks. The Romans created the spiked or studded pet collar as a method of defending their important dogs. One pet was discovered in the ruins of Pompeii wearing an engraved, spiked pet collar - he had saved his master's travel from the wolf attack.

Today we know that there are however wolves around and some shepherds and livestock owners however use these studded dog collars in different nations as safety because of their animals, but here in the 21st century there is small potential for a wolf assault in a crowded city. Studded dog collars are used to give your dog the elegant, humorous or belligerent look.

Studded dog collars can can be found in any measurement to suit any pet today - I have also observed them on cats! They were typically created from leather with metal studs by way of a blacksmith, but today they can be created from any kind of tough plastic or plastic and the studs created from any such thing from plastic to - I loathe to say this - diamonds.

You must have observed those mad millionaires and Hollywood stars with their small pets sporting a scary white pet collar, studded with diamonds - possibly value enough money to feed a tiny African town for a year!

Even Henry VIII of England held a bull mastiff that went every-where with him (I think they finished up seeking similar too!) and Henry needed that pet in to challenge on a number of situations, ultimately rewarding him with a silver studded collar when he lasted a particularly ferocious battle.

Remember the punk movement? Johnny Rotten always used a studded pet collar - he had been alarming enough to consider!

Today you can buy a studded pet collar for your pet, Chihuahua or giant Great Dane, in more or less any color, and sporting what you may want, from rhinestones to true metal spikes.

Then when you are strolling your pup in the park being unsure of what to speak about to the lovely lady sitting on the table - you are able to inform her the real history of the studded pet collar and break the ice!

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