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Posted by Maplestory2M on April 28th, 2019

Costs for abilities RuneScape gold but extremely fun tbh.Thieves! ... eh. no. Thieves aren't good, they require too much effort for what little MapleStory 2 match, the one thing good about them is the poision damage that could add up, that's it, nothing more, if you decide to play with Thief, you are planning on getting your body well done with

authentic harm. Literally what damage, with no defense. No arguing about it, all of us understand it.Look, as what I mentioned, I'm not hating on people or the class itself being poor, I simply don't believe they are a good course for folks to play, they are not rewarding....for individuals who do want t perform thieves, proceed, I can't tell

you not to play with them , but you are just setting yourself up to some bad future, a very hard one.Most of us understand you need mesos to progress from the MapleStory 2 match. But we have our ways! Allow me to share them with you.Note that you need to get a Level 50 personality with 1500 equipment score.The first way is

simply to level your character, the narrative will runescape 2007 gold supply you with about 1-2m mesos after you complete all of it, and that's a fantastic number of headstarters. With that amount, you will have a lot to spend on blue MapleStory 2 items or anything you feel like.Also, think about making alt accounts early on for dungeon grinding and

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