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A letter to a married woman: can I allow my husband to have a sex doll?

Posted by sexdollmart on April 28th, 2019

With the development of economy, sex doll industry has been revolutionized and made great progress. Many people think of sex dolls not only as rubber replicas of pleasure, but they also associate sex dolls in some way with obscenity.

So would you allow your man to have a sex doll?

Each woman is an individual with a different answer to this question. But there's no reason to forbid your husband from owning a

We will use this article to discuss why you should allow your husband to buy sex toys. This article will also show you how to avoid sex dolls from negatively affecting your relationship.

Reason # 1: when you're not ready, you can satisfy your man instead.

First off: when you're not in the mood for sex, don't have time, are sick or pregnant, sex dolls can provide a great option.  Allowing your husband to have a sex doll will prevent him from cheating on you. People must be wondering why?  In a way, a sex doll is meant to be sexual, ready to conform and satisfy. Men are more likely to stray when their partner is ill, pregnant or away from home because their sexual needs are unmet, research suggests. So having your husband own a sex doll can greatly reduce his chances of cheating. Because when your husband wants to have sex, sex dolls for men can satisfy his needs. It also keeps you from being deceived.

Reason # 2: sex dolls can keep your husband from getting sick

Sex dolls prevent your husband from satisfying his sexual needs by visiting prostitutes in brothels. This could reduce his access to STDS and keep him away from the disease. Sex dolls can provide him with a great choice, and most importantly, both of you are safe.  That's why your man should buy sex dolls.

Reason # 3: allow your husband to get the extra he needs, but don't take the risk.

Another reason why you should allow your husband to buy a sex doll is that sex dolls are inanimate objects that don't have the capacity for human thought and thought.  Sex dolls are synthetic rubber replicas.  No matter how the latter development, it can not develop with human emotion and love.  Your husband just USES it as a sexual outlet when it's not convenient for you. 

The coexisting rules for married couples and sex dolls

The act of allowing your husband to have a sex doll is encouraging.  But you also have to set some guidelines to prevent sex dolls from ruining your relationship.  First, use sex dolls only at certain times when you're not available, sick, pregnant, in the mood for sex, or working away from home.  Overuse of sex dolls can cause a husband to lose interest in his wife.

Also, make sure your husband understands that sexual satisfaction is the sole purpose and purpose of sex dolls. He can't take sex dolls to parks, shops or restaurants. If your husband follows these rules, there's no reason to forbid him from owning a real love sex dolls.

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