5 Incredible Things a Smart TV Can Do

Posted by jennyholmes2610 on April 29th, 2019

How can one guess that the TV he owns is more ‘smarter’ than him? In recent times, all these high-end devices are a combination of a computer and TV sets. Company may vary, but the features foretell the astonishing things they can do. Everything is just control of the button, and one has to just handle the remote.

The following points try to have a sneak-peak at the LG Smart TV in Malaysia and Samsung Smart TV, in a new way -

  • Smart live streaming

Live streaming of many such captivating videos, can be seen easily in the smart TVs. One can watch anything smarter while sitting cozily at his home space. And it’s better if watched in a 60” screen.

Various apps can be downloaded, via an internet connection or a Wi-Fi network, and yes, one is ready to get into the groove with the whole world. Right from news to wildlife adventure to sports and movies, the whole shebang can be in one’s own hand.

  • Browsing of websites

Why will anybody want to compromise between a computer screen and the screen of smart TV, having a wide-screen? That’s the main reason why several of us hook our computers with smart TVs, via an HDMI cable, to improvise on the view.

Various smart TVs already are enabled with the built-in browser facility, so we can always browse over very many sites or topics in just one click. But, if the network connections are slow, then there is the possibility of slow uploading of the web pages. Via mobile or tablets, all the websites can also be browsed, while downloading the app. But, if not, they can be browsed via a trust-worthy remote.

  • Be a Fitness Freak

In today’s busy schedule, who has adequate time to hit the gym? The smart TV comes for the rescue. These are the specialized digital workouts, and nowadays there are many digital apps that can be downloaded and later used to get into the groove of the workout!

Samsung TV in Malaysia come installed with a fitness app, thus catering with dozens of videos on yoga, calisthenics, and body-building. No special equipment or gym membership is required.

  • Weather forecast

We all have the habit of checking the weather, on and off, to note down on our daily activities. If one has to keep a detailed note on the weather, they should go ahead downloading the Accuweather app or the Weather Channel. Together with hourly forecasts, the satellite weather images can be deciphered.

  • Access Social Media

We are nowadays addicted to the various social media apps; those are just at a click of a button. From Facebook to Instagram, all can be easily availed on the LG Smart TV. If one is totally obsessed of checking their status in the various media feeds, then they are really lucky! Branded smart TVs comes in the market with certain pre-downloaded apps like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Moreover, one can also mirror via using a laptop or a tablet, thus providing access to various things.

So, Smart TVs is any day a smarter choice, in our modern or contemporary lifestyle and enhance the TV viewing experience manifolds.

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