An Overview of White Background Product Photography

Posted by wowphotography on April 29th, 2019

Can you produce plain white background product photography in camera? Basic practice for white background product photography is using post-processing methods. However, a white background photography expert will not tell you about Photoshop. You can easily do it on your camera. In this article, you will get to know a guide to produce a white photography background. There is little to no post-processing engaged.

Perfect Settings for White Background Photography

You should have more light on a white background that on the subject in order to produce a plain white background. The background should be at least 3 stops shinier than your product, i.e. subject. You should also take your exposure meter reading just from your subject. Abstain from incorporating the background. Utilize the spot meter setting on the camera to make sure you are just creating a reading from the subject.

Capturing a portrait you will wish the product to be properly exposed. Take the spot meter reading from the subject. Now check whether you have put proper setting for the subject for being well exposed or not. Finally, check the light on the white background. Is it very close to the light amount on the subject? In case there are not 3 stops or more of variety, you will have to include more light to the background.

Why Choose White Product Photos?

Do you know why it is the industry standard for having product images on a white background?

•    At first, the white background presents all your items with the least confusions.

These days, online purchasing is totally normal, but for many people, they want to know what they are receiving in the mail.

It is your duty as a seller to represent your items with precise images of them.

•    Secondly, products are media friendly, which implies you will possibly feature them in a famous magazine or blog.

As the editor of a magazine or a blog, part of the job is searching for amazing items to feature.

Editors always look for white background product images so they can simply incorporate your product on their website or magazine, without doing lots of editing.

•    Thirdly, the white background gives an online store a more stable appearance.

This makes consumers feel that you are an expert and grows trust in buying with you.

The poor quality of images can let the customers criticize your online shop.

So, don’t commit this mistake. Re-capture your images in case you require. It will be the best solution.

Getting Professional White Background Product Photography on a Small Budget

Photography really matters even for a small business. Small businesses, these days, can easily get professional-looking product images without going on a heavy budget. The best way is to get in touch with a reputable white background product photography shop to let the professionals capture your product images which you can display to buyers to present what your products do and why people should purchase them.

Don’t go for a DIY project; hiring a white background photography expert will be a smart investment decision after all!

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