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Posted by kunal on April 29th, 2019

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the important knowledge so that you will have Signature Bail Bonds Tulsa  the power to make decisions that will protect both you and the ones you love.   

Knowledge is Power  

We all know that when someone is arrested the fastest way to get them out of jail is to have a bail bond posted by a Bail Bondsman. To do this, we go to a bail company so they can post a bail bond to release your loved one. Below are a few common questions and answers that people often have.   

Someone I care about was arrested. What do I do now?  

Call a bail bondsman immediately. Contact them so that they can help and protect you by providing you with all of the necessary information that you will need... for free. Call them for your own peace of mind.    

Every situation is different and each individual case has specific needs that agents should customize their service to provide the highest level of care.  

Do I have to pay to get a consultation?  

Never! Consultations are free and any provided information is free.  Bondsmen should get all the necessary information for you so that you will be able to have the freedom of mind to make the right decisions for your loved one. The bondsmen should make sure that you know your rights... for free. They typically work side by side with you to expedite the release of your loved one.  

Should I Bail? 

Yes! History says that the longer someone sits in a jail cell, the greater chance they have of staying in longer.   Everyone knows that the bail amount can increase and rarely does it decrease. It's easier to represent yourself in court in front of a judge when you are not in jail.   

With the right attire and right council you have a much greater chance of insuring your freedom. Think about how a judge will look at you if you are free to state your case in the proper attire rather than if you are detained and with limited options. They say that the court is not prejudice...   Let's just say that everyone knows that it is easier to fight a case when you have freedom and options, instead of when you are confined to a jail cell.

How long does it take?  

Our process is among the fastest in the industry. Once qualified, we have posted bail and reunited loved ones within an hour.   Of course it is always good to remember that each case is different and we will always push to get your special ones out as quickly as possible. Posting bail can take just a few minutes. A defendant's release is also subject to the release times of the jail.  

How much does it cost to post bail?  

A bail posting fee consists of 10% of the full bail bond amount. This fee is based on the full bail bond amount. Any other fees are based on the amount of collateral required to put up to insure that the person who was bailed out will show up for their court date. Any and all collateral will be returned upon the appearance of the defendant at the final court date. Such things in the past that have been used as collateral are houses, cars, cash, or just the financial ability to ensure that the bond will be paid if the defendant skips bail. Think of it as "insurance to appear"  

For instance if the entire set bail is 00 then the fee to post bail is 0  

Bail can be paid by credit, cash or check.

Bail agents should work with you if needed to acquire a bond. Things that we will need to know are your ability to pay the bond and the liability factor of making sure that the defendant will appear in court.   

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