What Makes Something Kosher?

Posted by Linda Hudson on April 29th, 2019

Chicago is a home for a variety of people belonging to different communities and culture. Amongst the people residing in Chicago, there is a Jewish community that has established its generations in the country. During a Jewish wedding, it is essential to book a kosher wedding venue in Chicago. But the question is what makes a portion of food kosher?

In this article will talk about how a portion of food is considered kosher.

Basic Guideline

Some of the basic guidelines for kosher food:

  • It is crucial to ensure that meat and dairy are never mixed.
  • For eating animals under kosher food, they should be slaughtered as per acceptable kosher laws, and by a butcher.
  • It is imperative according to the Jewish law that no blood should be there on the animal during preparation or while eating.
  • Eggs should only come from kosher birds.
  • Making sure separate dishes and utensils are used for meat and dairy foods.

Basic List of Kosher Food

Dairy Foods

This includes milk, yogurt, cheeses (should not be made with rennet, and milk should come from kosher animals) and ice cream. Dairy foods to be considered kosher they must come from an acceptable source. For example, since camels are not allowed to be killed and eaten under kosher law, people following a kosher diet can’t drink camel milk. However, milk coming from goats and dairy cows is allowed.


Kosher diets include several types of meats and fowl. However, all meat should strictly come from hooved mammals that chew their cuds such as cattle and goats. Fowl involves mostly domesticated species of birds. The meat must be obtained through a strict slaughtering process that humanely kills the animal or bird and releases all the traces of blood from the body so it won’t taint the eater.

Pareve Foods

The word “pareve” translates to the English word “neutral.” These pareve foods are those foods which do not fall into the category of meat or dairy. It includes seafood (but only those with fins and scales, preventing the use of any crustaceans such as shrimp or crabs), eggs, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and similar items. Bread is another example that falls under the category of pareve food, unless it’s been made with a dairy source, such as butter or margarine (because some margarine uses dairy products, despite being considered vegetarian by most of the consumers).

Each of these foods can be considered kosher foods, as long as they are prepared as per the Jewish law.

Hence, make sure your caterer comply with all these guidelines when you book a kosher wedding venue in Chicago.

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