Fast Switching Between Standing and Sitting Postures

Posted by Vivian Wang on April 29th, 2019

There is no way to stand in the office, so the workbench must be able to let you switching quickly between standing and sitting in the office. To Shengzhou Dingke, this adjustable sit stand desk converter can quickly rise and fall and has a wide range of adjustments. It is very friendly to users of different statures. 

It adopts the X-type vertical lifting structure, and the table will not be offset in the left and right directions during the lifting process. That is to say, you don't need to move desktop items or change the distance between your body and the desk to complete the lifting. It's very convenient. 

Fast Switching Between Standing and Sitting Postures 

The operation of the adjustable sit stand desk converter is also very simple. It only needs to pull the right hand up to adjust the height, and the desktop will naturally rise. Release the handle when you reach the desired height, and then hear a "click" on behalf of the internal organization, which means it has completed the locking and fixing. When you put it away, you just need to pull the handle up and press your hands down gently to lower the height. From my practical experience, the whole ascent and descent process is very smooth, without the situation of carton. 

At the same time, the adjustable sit stand desk converter supports rapid disassembly and assembly, and pushes the keyboard bracket toward the reserved slot rail, so that the clips on both sides can be securely fixed. And after widening, the load-bearing capacity is good. Normally, it is no problem that the laptop is placed on it with display bracket and display to work together. 

Desktop and keyboard support are designed around the corner, line transition rounded. The surface has also been ground and textured. It has a good touch and is easy to clean and tidy. 

Shengzhou Dingke adjustable sit stand desk converter helps you quickly switch back and forth between sitting and standing positions.

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