Adjustable Height Computer Desk: Kneeling, Sitting and Standing are all Suitable

Posted by Vivian Wang on April 29th, 2019

For a long time, it has become a habit for people to sit at their desks, but if they do not change their postures for a long time, they will lead to cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and other diseases, as well as increase the incidence of heart disease and osteoporosis. The adjustable height computer desk workstation is a portable computer desk. Its characteristics are that people can stand up and use the computer, and can work with the correct posture at anytime and anywhere.

This computer desk is not only practical, but more importantly, it can help users relax and avoid health problems caused by sitting at the desk for a long time. Compared with the computer desk products on the market, the adjustable height computer desk workstation is more ergonomically designed to ensure that the neck and arms are in a comfortable position, avoid soreness and ensure correct posture.
 adjustable height computer desk workstation
At present, the common office methods are not entirely in line with ergonomics. When using a computer, the forearm should be kept parallel to the ground, while the upper arm should be kept perpendicular to the ground, and the neck and the upper arm should be in the same straight line. Using an ordinary computer desk or desk, the arm position may meet the requirements, but the neck will naturally bend downward, which does not meet ergonomic standards. Some products modify the neck angle by changing the display height, but usually these products can not be used alone, and although the neck angle can be corrected, the arm angle may be deviated. The adjustable height computer desk workstation allows users to stand up to ensure that arms and necks are in the right position. Users can adjust the height of the computer desk according to their height. 

There are 12 different height adjusting slots. The maximum height can be adjusted to 64 centimeters. When not in use, the bottom bracket can be folded into the desk. The folded size is 38 *28 *4 centimeters, similar to the size of a laptop bag. This liftable computer desk is suitable for all kinds of modern office workers, especially for long-term office users. It weighs only 4 kg and is very portable. It is suitable for carrying with you and meets the TSA Customs Transfer Standard. Adjustable computer desk workbench assembly is simple, without any tools, a person can complete the assembly in a few seconds. The desk itself is made of recyclable aluminium alloy. It is fashionable, durable and can bear up to 14 kilograms. It can be completely placed in ordinary notebook computers or monitors. After the desktop is expanded, there are two layers of boards. The upper layer is used to place laptops or monitors, and the lower layer is used to place mice and keyboards. The panel adopts a porous design to facilitate the heat dissipation of notebook computers. Anthropometric studies have shown that comfortable computer-operated forearms should be 90 degrees angled with elbows, neck should be kept naturally perpendicular, body forward tilt less than 15 degrees. Improper keyboard height may lead to wrist and palm diseases, and tilting the neck to watch the screen may lead to neck problems and visual fatigue. Raised Desk computer desk design just solves these problems, with the standard desktop height, suitable for 1.54-1.95 meters high group, about 99% of the people can use it. 

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