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Periods are natural they occur once in a month following the cycle of 26 days to 30 days and every woman understands the importance of periods and the time when it’s about to occur in amonthbut when periods becomes irregular or occurs at inconvenient time it can get in the way of your plans. The length of mensuration varies from woman to woman and is affected by many things depending on body weight, stress and hormones. Normally periods last for 5 to 7 days but in many women it lasts for a longer time

There are various techniques to learn How To Stop Your Period, there is no fool proof process to make your period stop but some methods can increase the speed through which the blood leaves the uterus and shortens the period

  1. Birth control pills: birth control shots or pillsboth can be used to control hormones and shorten menstrual cycle, if you start it now then it take few months to notice that you have shorter periods, some contraceptive pills reduces yourcycles annually. Bothcontrol pills and shots must be consumed after the medical prescription of the doctor as they better understand your body needs based on your menstrual cycle and and lifestyle.
  2. Enjoy sex: having orgasm through sex or masturbation can reduce the cramping and menstrual flow as the contraction in uterus helps to move blood and shed it easily out of the uterus.
  3. Exercise regularly: exercising regularly have an overall impact on your health it reduces the mensurationflow and the number of days too.
  4. Ditch tampons:tampons confines the internalflow ofmenstrualcycle which may increases the longevity of periods. Pads absorbs the fluid releases out of the body on a continuing basis and ends the periods faster, pads are exclusively available in the,market in all sizes as per your preference.
  5. Consume vitamin C: large amount of vitamin reduces your progesterone leveland causes the shedding of utrinelining more quickly but be cautious to take the recommended dose as overconsuming may cause side effects, induces diarrhea, insomnia and stomach aches.
  6. Intra urine device: an IUD is a device which is placed in uterus through cervix which reduces periods up to 80% of time. Removal of the device is also possible asthe people who want to become pregnant or don’t like having the IUD further,
  7. Medicinal herbs: they are considered best for how to make your periodstop. Chaste or wild pepper is an excellent herb that can help in shortening the menstrual cycle. Raspberry tea is famous for the concerned topic, kitty plant is also perfect for controlling the hormones that effects periods and it could be a right choice to stop them.

Food also plays vital role to shorten or stop the periods, below are mentioned some foods which have an effect on shortening your period or delaying it.

  • Potassium rich food regulatesthe flow and makes periods lighter and shorter. Bananas, raisins, sweet potatoes, yogurt and salmon are foods which are rich in potassium.
  • Carrots are considered best as they expels out all the accumulated blood in fewer days than the regular time.
  • Gram lentils: take fried lentils And gram grind them into a fine powder keep it safe in a jar, prepare lentil soup and have every day to delay your period.
  • Animal products such as fish oil and flaxseeds oil are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help in reducing the bleeding.

Consider your doctor’s advice before you follow any method.


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