3 commonly asked questions regarding car insurance add-ons

Posted by johndias on April 29th, 2019

Add-ons are amazing. They give you more protection, so you can worry less. They ensure your car insurance policy is foolproof and gives you a wide safety net from a range of unfortunate events your normal insurance policy does not cover. Despite this, many car owners have their doubts when it comes to add-ons. Keeping this in mind, the following article will answer 3 of the most commonly asked questions about these additional layers of protection. Hopefully, it will provide you a clearer idea and give you enough reason to add them to your motor insurance policy.

1. Do I really need add-ons?

It’s a subjective question but most people that ignore add-ons wish they had them after an unfortunate event. This is because there are some very helpful add-ons that can be extremely beneficial when mishaps happen. Take for example the ‘Zero Depreciation Cover’ add-on; it provides full coverage in case of repairs. Without it, you might not get the entire cost of parts & replacements in case of a claim. Then there’s the NCB protector add-on, it ensures that years of safe driving & rewards for the same aren’t lost because of a single claim.

Then there are other car insurance add-ons that might suit some but might not be needed for others. Take, for example, the key replacement add-on; it is worth purchasing if you are a forgetful person and if you have an electronic key that can be very expensive to replace. There’s also the ‘Loss of Personal Belongings’ add-on which is worth it for anyone who has expensive gadgets in their car and lives in an area that’s prone to theft or vandalism. Like this, there are numerous add-ons and you will have to evaluate each of them to decide whether you need them or not

2. Are these add-ons worth it?

Definitely, all car insurance add-ons are worth the money you pay. They come at a fraction of the cost they protect you from. The premium of NCB protector will be much less than the cost of losing out on your no claim discount. The cost of Key Replacement is just a few hundred rupees but it could protect you from a loss of thousands, especially for newer digital keys. Similarly, all add-ons will have very low premiums as they protect you from very specific, low-risk events and anything with low risk is cheaper to insure.

3. When can I purchase add-ons?

Motor insurance add-ons can be purchased when buying the policy or when renewing it. If you feel the urgent need include add-ons mid-way through the policy, you can do so and obtain an endorsement document as proof of the added cover. This is helpful if your coverage needs change mid-way through your policy and you don’t want to wait until the renewal date to get increased protection.

We hope this has cleared any doubts you had surrounding add-ons in car insurance. If you have any further questions, we suggest that you speak to an insurance company today rather than delaying your decisions about add-ons.

Good luck and drive safe!

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