AngularJS advantages & Disadvantages

Posted by tib on April 29th, 2019

AngularJS is an open supply, JavaScript framework developed by Google’s engineers.

It is wide utilized by the developers and folks who are a lot of into internet and Mobile application. It’s a Web-Centric Application. we are going to be discussing a lot of however it's useful and wherever it lacks in terms of AngularJS app development.


• Open source:

Likewise Google’s android, AngularJS is an open source, will be changed by the AngularJS Training in Marathahalli user the method he desires either he can continue with the initial framework or UI.

• Implicit MVC:

AngularJS features a inbuilt MVC Structure permitting the user to change, view and control the elements. Later on, those parts are stringed along mechanically.

• Unit Testing:

Provides practicality wherever every and each unit will be tested singly.

• Data Binding:

AngularJS supports Two-way knowledge Binding. Like, if you modify or modify the info in Model, it'll mechanically amendment the info in view section or the other way around. the most profit is that it'll save time and developer got to write less code.

• Performance:

The server works extraordinarily nice because it supports caching and different processes.

• Active SPA:

It is principally accustomed develop Single Page Applications.

SPA – Applications like these have only 1 HTML page that gets dynamically updated exploitation Ajax.

• DOM:

DOM stands for Document Object Model. It permits to make new directives and additionally used for binding the info to DOM HTML parts.

• Dependency Injection:

In this, a selected quantity of unit is to be tested. If changes are created associated with that unit, solely certain amount of that code is going to be taken into thought for testing. Dependency Injection provides dependency to the weather that makes it simple for the Angular Training in Marathahalli with placement  developer to use, maintain and take a look at.


• JavaScript support Mandatory:

There will be several devices like laptops and computers ready to} be able to hook up with your server however support for his or her JavaScript is being disabled. Users like people who face these issues can face problem in loading or viewing those sites with JavaScript.

• Scopes:

A scope is employed to merge JavaScript (Controller) and HTML(View) along.  Its hardest task to right the method if you're exploitation it for the primary time.

• Audience:

As an audience, only 2000 watchers are going to be able to view the location a time. If it exceeds, UI can begin insulating material.

• Two-way knowledge Binding:

Two-way knowledge binding uses a method that checks variables doubly. It makes the UI method a touch slower.

• SEO Incompatibility:

AngularJS lacks in being SEO friendly. You’ll be able to deliver AngularJS apps to the client facet, however not on the server facet.

From above, we've finally got an idea concerning the conveniences and deficiencies of the AngularJS that are helpful for the developers likewise as wherever it lacks. There are already been updates unrolled on top of this version that are Angular two,4,5 and Angular 6 that is that the latest version of Angular. In line with the updates Google has unrolled some optimization in each updates. Every and each update carry bugs finding half compared to earlier version.


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