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Posted by emicorn on April 29th, 2019

Artificial Grass has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the times when someone had the

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Commercial Grade Artificial Turf

ability point out artificial turf next to its natural cousin. Now the only thing that is apparent is how lush and rich your artificial grass looks, and how indistinguishable it is from that well-kept natural lawn across the street. Unlike your neighbour, your professional landscape is bringing in business without any of the extra maintenance, water use, or time and money spent keeping it pristine. When it comes to commercial artificial turf, the five benefits below make it a cost-effective no brainer.

Less Maintenance Means Less Expense

To create a thriving small business, you’ve got to have a great sense of time management and be astute when it comes to expenses. If you are provided a tool that decreases costs, saves time, and improves your overall product, it is a rare opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up. With artificial turf, you can virtually eliminate your need for maintenance. Mowing the lawn becomes a thing of the past. As a result, you can save time spent cutting grass and the money spent on weed-whackers and mowers—not to mention the fuel, oil, and upkeep costs. In addition, any sprinkler systems can be tossed by the wayside, and you’ll be saving money on any associated water costs.

Maintenance for artificial turf consists of a quick run through with an electric leaf-blower if debris starts to pile up (or even just picking up a few twigs on the way out the door). Opportunity cost is real, and there is no reason you should be maintaining your lawn (or paying someone else to) when you could be courting customers or working hard on issues that are important to your business.

Professional Appearance

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we are all guilty of doing it time and time again. A shoddy lawn is going to turn away customers, especially if you own a landscaping business. In turn, a green, well-kept lawn shows your customers that you pay attention to detail and are professional in everything you do. Artificial turf is a form of advertisement that pays off immensely.

Clean, Safe, and Sound

Commercial artificial turf provides your business with a spotless environment that can help prevent injuries. Artificial grass is made with soft, synthetic blades that decrease the likelihood of injury in the event that anyone trips on your property. In addition, the chance that anyone falls is lessened because unlike gravel, mulch, or regular grass, artificial turf does not displace or wear down and will never have any ruts or divots to catch anyone’s feet. Unsightly pathways will never be created if someone decides to cut through your lawn.

When it rains, it pours, and that’s a big problem for traditional surfaces. Mud makes your business an unappealing venture, and mud being tracked on your carpets and floors makes your entryway a dangerous, muddy mess. Artificial grass prevents that problem with superior drainage capabilities that prevent puddles, mud, and the disease-carrying insects that often accompany those problems.

Go Green in More Ways than One

By upgrading your landscape with artificial grass, you can help save the environment—and you can let your customers know

Commercial Grade Artificial Turf

about your effort to go green. The lack of regular lawn maintenance will reduce emissions and conserve fossil fuels, as you’ll never be running a weed-whacker or lawn mower. More importantly, you will be conserving an amazing amount of water. You

will never have to run another sprinkler system, and rainwater will drain immediately below the surface. Just as importantly, many townships and cities provide tax incentives through rebates for water conservation, and they may pay you for every square foot of artificial grass in use.

A Cost Effective Manoeuvre

When it comes to durability, commercial artificial turf is top of the line. With proper (minimal) maintenance, artificial turf can last 26+ years. That’s an incredible investment that will continue to pay off year after year. You are also cutting costs on any tools and equipment that you would normally use, and you don’t need employ someone to create a masterpiece of your lawn—it does that itself. Throw in the tax benefits, cleanliness, safety, and ability to bring in customers and you’ll be congratulating yourself on making such a shrewd business decision every time you walk across your lawn.

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