Remanufactured or Refurbished Diesel Fuel Injectors

Posted by Justin Roy on April 29th, 2019

A Diesel Fuel Injector is one of the critical components of a diesel engine that powers your vehicle and makes a drive smooth while pulling a heavy loaded truck or a car full of near and dear ones. To achieve a smooth drive, all of the engine components must function at their optimum and fuel injectors play an important role. The main role of the fuel injection system is to inject the right quantity of fuel into the engine cylinders to provide the required power. Since the fuel is supplied to the injectors under great pressure, the fuel is injected in an atomized form for converting to vapour at a precise time interval to each of the cylinders separately. Atomization and vaporization by a diesel injector ensure full utilization of fuel providing required power to the vehicle and also keeping up with environmental norms.

Choosing Between Remanufactured and Refurbished Injectors

Refurbished Injectors are used injectors from old long run vehicles that are cleaned up from within and outside and made to look like new. They are inspected and seen that they still meet the OEM standards. Since the injector is still in good condition, it is sold as a refurbished injector. Most of the refurbished injectors still come with some time period warranty.

On the other hand, Remanufactured Injectors are also used injectors that are completely disassembled, all its components are examined and tested and manufactured with the worn-out parts being replaced with new components. Thus, Remanufactured Injectors confirm to, or are even better than OEM specifications. Remanufactured injectors come with one year warranty and are any day a better bet than refurbished injectors as these have been inspected thoroughly and can serve for a longer period.

Final Choice

Needless to say, a brand new diesel injector is better than any refurbished or even remanufactured diesel injector. The plus point here is that it may cost about 40 to 50% less than a new injector and in all probability provide as much if not more, serving as a new diesel injector. The only point to keep in mind is that it must be purchased from a reliable source, like Big Dawg Diesel who are the wholesale suppliers of automobile spares. You can also order online from their website.

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