Increase Life of Your 7.3l Ford Engine with High Pressure Oil Pump

Posted by Justin Roy on April 29th, 2019

High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) is the heart of your truck’s diesel engine. It is very important to inspect the engine under the hood or under the rear of the engine on the ground for any signs of oil leakage. If you find no leakage, it is good but, if there is leakage on the ground towards the end of engine valley, do take it very seriously. Oil leakage on the ground or in the engine galley would mean that not only oil is lost but, it would lead to oil pressure loss as well. That, in turn, would translate to less lubrication of the moving parts of the engine. These parts need high pressure circulation of oil to effectively lubricate and keep the engine running efficiently. So, a leakage from High Pressure Oil Pump is a call to get your oil pump repaired or replaced immediately.

Indicators that the High-Pressure Oil System is Faulty

When your truck engine does not start easily or is sluggish when accelerating, there are other symptoms that need to be looked into before putting all the blame on High Pressure Oil Pump like, the batteries should be good enough to provide strong crank on starting, a bad or leaking Injection Control Pressure Sensor (ICP Sensor), etc. The symptoms may be the same when there is a bad ICP Sensor or a weak High Pressure Oil Pump. When the oil is pumped without enough pressure, the engine may not even start. So, check for leakage in ICP or its pigtail. With a faulty ICP Sensor, even good High Pressure Oil Pump will not be able to generate enough oil pressure.

Other Indicators of a Faulty High Pressure Oil Pump

If the High Pressure Oil Pump has become weaker, acceleration of your truck will be poor and it will affect the mileage too. Do not ignore it and get your High Pressure Oil Pump checked and repaired.

You may have upgraded the injector system and the old High Pressure Oil Pump may not be able to meet the required pressure, you would need to upgrade your HPOP.

When the exhaust pipe emits black or blue smoke, the indication is clear. The High Pressure Oil Pump of your truck is not functioning properly. Blue smoke means fuel is not burned up fully and black smoke means that leaked oil is being burned up along with fuel. Both situations do not indicate a good oil pump.

The worst scenario is that the engine does not start due to very low oil pressure. This is a sure indicator that the HPOP has served its life and needs intensive care by installing a new or remanufactured Ford 7.3 L High Pressure Oil Pump. This is where famous automotive distributers like Big Dawg Diesel save us from quality auto parts hunting and provide us with an additional advantage of placing an online order on their website.

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