Why Learn English from League of Legends?

Posted by hans gunnarsson on April 30th, 2019

English happens to be a universal language that can help one communicate globally and can even aid in professional growth. Yet, many find it challenging to grasp the language no matter how much hard they try. Sometimes the problem lies in the boring classroom sessions that focus on theoretical learning. This is where one misses the entire fun of learning. That is why; a new and innovative approach to learning English through video games is introduced.
One can learn English from League of Legends or any other real-time game that adds up to your favorites list. Here is how.
It Comes Free Of Cost
Where you pay through your nose for the English learning courses, learning English through video games comes free of cost. All you need to do is find a YouTube channel that teaches English through video games and subscribe to it. These channels broadcast the conversations of popular gamers while playing your favorite game. When you observe and listen to their conversations, you will get to learn not only what they are trying to convey, but their emotions behind the words too.  

The Source That Catches Your Attention
Learning English in a classroom can be boring. Grasping those grammar rules and having to implicate them in sentences can take away the entire learning interest. However, this is not true with video games! These real-time games represent a captivating story that hypothetically makes you its part. Great games attract great interest, and that is what helps in learning English as more the interest better is the learning.
Blends Entertainment With Learning
There is no better learning other than getting to learn English with Apex Legends, PUBG, League of Legends or even Ring of Elysium. When one embraces the skill of listening and observing, learning English becomes a cakewalk. Even if English is not your first language, you can naturally grasp the basics of the language without you putting any extra efforts. It is like you become skilled at strategically playing the game along with adding on some useful vocabulary to the knowledge base.  

A Reason To Get High On Vocabulary
The grace of YouTube channels teaching English through video games lies in the fact that it focuses on vocabulary building. If you subscribe to the best learning platforms, you’ll see how they give you a list of vocabulary with meanings that you will be learning through the length of the video. No matter how simple or complex the word may sound; the player conversations and their tone of using the words will help you understand its context and meaning.
English is a powerful language that can take you places! Where technology is speeding so fast one needs to take full advantage of it and learn English from league of legends or any other game that strikes the cord. If learning is that fun and entertaining, then you will not be far away from being a fluent English reader, speaker, or even a writer.

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