Types of Medical Equipment

Posted by Michael Harry on April 30th, 2019

Many new types of medical equipment are entering the market every day. New inventions are also devised due to the requirements in the field of medicine. Updates to existing equipment are done regularly to provide better care for ailing patients as well. However, the main categories of healthcare equipment remain the same and are described in this article for your knowledge.


Nowadays, healthcare equipment is updated to become electronic apparatus regularly. A majority of medical equipment has become electronic in current times. A good example happens to be a blood pressure monitor. Most blood pressure instruments have gone digital now, whereas they once used to be manual pumps in the past.


These medical instruments are used by patients in their everyday lives and do not need the presence of a certified medical professional. The effectiveness of these devices is that they can give instant reports to users about their health. Some examples of healthcare equipment are diabetes management devices, hearing aids and mobility aids.


These healthcare devices are utilized to monitor or test for health problems. A biological or chemical measurement is taken by means of diagnostic equipment that is then documented for healing or diagnostic purpose. A few examples of diagnostic tools are ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, and sphygmomanometers.


This stainless steel equipment is used by doctors and nurses during surgery. They also include the analytic tools that are inserted into the patient’s body to access difficult-to-reach places.

Surgical supplies comprise of items that are worn by the surgery team while performing the operation to avoid getting infections or germs such as gloves, caps, gowns, and glasses.

Durable Medical Equipment

Frequently shortened to “DME," durable medical equipment comprises of several kinds of walking aids, bath safety, and wheelchairs. This equipment, as indicated by its name, should be made and verified to be ‘durable’ since people trust these devices to keep them secure and out of harm. They have to be tested by applying weight and to prevent them from slipping.

Acute Care

These apparatus and supplies are utilized in hospitals. They are purchased and stored by hospitals, which is how they differ from Home Care supplies. They need a medical care professional to use them in the correct manner. They include monitoring devices, wound and skin care tools, small procedure trays and common purpose trays.

Emergency and Trauma

Emergency and trauma departments of any hospital or medical center should be filled with sufficient equipment for diagnosis and testing purpose, wound care tools, breathing supplies, small surgery kits, and personal protective gear.

Long-Term Care

These items are needed in places where patients are residing for the long term such as nursing homes, old-age homes, and even rehab clinics. The equipment required for such places includes wheelchairs, beds and mattresses, fitness equipment and many others.

Storage and Transport

Sometimes patients and long-term residents cannot go to get an essential healthcare device or food and liquids themselves so different kinds of carts are utilized to supply these things to them. Some examples of storage and transport equipment include food carts, supply carts, linen carts, case carts, and storage carts, to name a few.

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