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Adopt these regimes to bring positivity and health in your student life

Posted by jakecarter on April 30th, 2019

With the tough routines and the constant pressures, students tend to get attracted to an unhealthy lifestyle and have plenty of excuses as well to prove it the right choice. We have all been there and we completely understand the late night cravings for caffeine or crisps, we know that grabbing a burger on your way back from the university is much easier than to cook a meal, it is completely retable to skip the daily run when you have a lengthy assignment to complete, still it doesn’t mean that you can opt for being unhealthy. Students need to understand that this is just the beginning of practical life and they will have to face more pressures and stresses later in life. You need to build up a healthy and positive lifestyle now only to be able to have a good life ahead. It may seem difficult, but believe once you are habitual and start enjoying all the health and positivity around you would never want to go back and with these tips you will soon be able to do so.

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Quality sleep is important

As a student, you might be having a lot of sleepless nights but having a good sleep pattern is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing. It is recommended for a young adult to have at least seven to eight hours of sound sleep. A good night’s sleep will affect your mood, your health and even your academic performance.

Eat moderate and stay moderate

We have always heard that excess of everything is bad, and it has been proven right as well. Moderation is every matter is necessary to stay mentally and physically healthy. You need to control your spending and eating habits additionally you do not have to be excessively nice to everyone. Remember that one cannot pour out of an empty vessel, so to be a positive human being you need to first care for yourself. Moreover, to have a healthy lifestyle you need to control your eating as well. I have always followed the "only one rule". Eat whatever you want but take one piece of that chocolate cake, have one muffin or that scrumptious slice of pizza, control yourself and do not go overboard.

Get on to your feet

Exercising is also an important aspect of staying physically and mentally fit. You have to constantly sit in the class, in the library cafeteria or bus, so you have to compensate for the lack of physical activity by exercising in whatever way you like. You can run, join a gym, take advantage of the nearest outdoor gym or even opt to ride a bicycle or walk to the university instead of a bus or any other vehicle. Moreover, try to walk to places as much as possible this will not only save you a lot of money spent on transport but will also help you to stay in shape without spending a dime.

Have beverage control

It is easy to consume a lot of coffee or tea when you have to work for long hours on a project or assignment but you need to keep a check. Consuming too much caffeine affects the sleeping and eating patterns and can also be a major cause of weight gain if you are consuming it with full cream milk, tea whiteners or coffee mates or cream.

Water is the savior

Have plenty of water is nothing new that you must have heard but when you actually drink it you will start to feel the differences. Water keeps the water levels accurate in our bodies, helps to lose weight and will make your skin glow. Dehydration can also cause mood swings which can lead to being cranky and damage the positive aura around you.

Author bio

Jake Carter is an author of many renowned books on positive living. He has always addressed the issues of depression and other mental and physical disorders occurring especially in students. He has just started his blog and has increased his readership to a massive level.

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