Terrible fact of Darun Nadwah places in Makkah

Posted by Ady on April 30th, 2019

In fact, Darun Nadwah was the Assembly House of Quraysh where they planned to assassinate Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The builder of Darun Nadwah was Qusay bin Kilaab who built it about 150 years before the birth of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

This house was actually specified for the conduction of public meetings regarding in order to discuss the important matters regarding wars and peace, caravan assembled before going out, marriages and traditional festivals. Moreover, battalions received their flags before marching towards battle at that place. This area is positioned in the new extension project of the Al-Haram and pilgrims must visit whenever they come through Cheapest Hajj Packages London to proceed Hajj.

After the declaration of Prophethood, the Prophet ﷺ preached the true faith but Quraysh was totally ignored. At one occasion they sent a delegation to his caring uncle Hazrat Abu Talib to restrain his nephew to opposed idol worshiping. So, Abu Talib sent his called his nephew and cleared the situation. On the contrary, Prophet ﷺ remained steadfast and said his Uncle that if Quraysh put the sun on his right hand and moon in his left hand even he would not leave the true faith. At that Abu Talib encouraged his determination to preach Islam. When Quraysh realized the dominance of Islam, they planned to assassinate Prophet ﷺ. And for that purpose, they conducted a meeting in Darun Nadwah that how they had to get rid of Muhammad ﷺ and Islam.

However, leaders of Quraysh gave different opinions. Some said that they must banish Prophet ﷺ from Makkah to another place, while some suggested that they should imprison him till death. Finally, Abu Jahal who was the bitter enemy of Islam put forth his plan that they had to choose the powerful men who would attack him with swords. Thus, they finalized the plan of Abu Jahal and immediately committed to carrying on.

After the finalization of the awful plan, Allah (SWT) sent Jibrael (AS) to aware his beloved Prophet from the plot of Quraysh. Meanwhile, Prophet ﷺ said to Ali (RA) that he should lay down on his bed and suggested that he must deliver the mandates of people. Prophet ﷺ also ensured that no harm would expect from Quraysh. It is reported that Ali (RA) said, “In his whole life he had fully believed that he could not die at that night. Thus, when Quraysh found Ali on the place of Prophet ﷺ they realized that Muhammad ﷺ played a huge trick. A Holy Quran says in that way: (Interpretation): “Remember how the unbelievers plotted against you to put in prison you, to kill you, or to outcast you from Makkah. They plot and plan, but Allah plans too, and the best of planners is Allah.” [8:30]

Consequently, Prophet ﷺ along with Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) prepared their arrangements to refuge in the cave of Thawr. And the preparation of that journey was made at the house of Abu Bakar (RA). Hazrat Asma the daughter of Abu Bakar (RA) rendered useful services in this regard. She provided the food to Prophet ﷺ and his father in the midnight under the constant fear of being detective towards Cave of Thawr. The Mountain Thawr is richly visited by the recommendation of Authorized Hajj Umrah Agents from the pilgrims who go for Makkah either Hajj or Umrah.

However, after the Conquest of Makkah Darun Nadwah came into Muslim control after the conquest of Makkah. Because of very close to the Masjid Al-Haram Due to many Muslim leaders and Khulafah stayed there when they performed Hajj and Umrah, among them being Umar (RA) on one occasion. The Abbasid Khalifah, Mu’tadhid Billah contained within the Darun Nadwah in the Masjid Haram in the year 284 AH (897 CE).

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