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Posted by menucover on April 30th, 2019

It all started with an image. Our ancestors communicated visually with graphic representations of their thoughts. We, almost two million years later, continue communicating with images. In fact, nowadays, we live in a world where images dominate our perception and understanding of what surrounds us, and even condition us when making decisions.

That is precisely why it is so important that you understand the importance that images have for your business, and the value of mastering the visual language to increase the sales of your restaurant.


Visual communication is any message that our eyes catch. But, in reality, visual communication is much more than that. By communicating visually we transmit with our graphic expressions many more nuances and emotions than a written text.

Graphic communication, in addition to being a form of global communication, has the power to increase the interest of the recipient by 89% and, therefore, it is a tool of vital importance when communicating ideas in a much more simple.

How can visual communication help you increase your restaurant's sales?


Visual communication is the pillar of your company's branding. And it goes far beyond your logo and your business cards. Your branding transmits your story, differentiates you from your competitors and gives you an identity of its own. Your logo, the colors of your exterior signs, the typography you decide on, the design of your website, your videos on YouTube, the publications of your blog, your Instagram images ...All.

All that, and much more, is part of your branding.


If you want to maximize the benefit of your visual communication and increase the sales of your restaurant, your branding should be memorable. The images that the client sees in your restaurant must communicate quality, they must clearly symbolize the value of your company, and they must be recorded in the mind of the client.

Working in a market as complicated as the current market without the element that sets you apart from the thousands of existing competitors is very risky. On the other hand, going out to the market with a memorable logo, a striking web page and an unforgettable visual identity will make you leave a mark. The client will feel safe when he comes into contact with your brand, will notice the initial connection, and will have the confidence to share news about your restaurant with his social circle  And all that, it translates into customers, sales, and a lot of satisfaction.

Menucover is aware of the image and communication with its customers. The cover for menu is probably the first way of contact between your client and the bar, cafeteria or restaurant. The menu cards show what the customer can expect from a restaurant, bar or cafeteria and for this they are like a business card of the establishment. Menu covers, letter cards, menu cards, table tent, menu sheets and other accessories provide the necessary image for your visitor and client.


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We make the images of your own restaurant and its dishes for customizing the menu.

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We Design and print high quality menu with different finishes and sizes.

Creating a good impression is essential in the business world. To win the consumer and highlight the competition you need to pay special attention to every detail. In restaurants, bars and hotels, well-designed and maintained menus make a difference when it comes to winning the customer.

We offer a variety of menu covers, made with selected materials and high quality standards. You can choose between options in leather. Whatever your preference is, here you can find the solution that suits your business.

Synonymous with durability, the menu in synthetic leather offers the same benefits of the natural skin model, but it has a much more attractive cost and a greater variety of colors and textures. At the moment, the synthetic leather is very similar to the one of the natural leather, not only in appearance, but also in the benefits provided.

In addition to passing the credibility of the establishment, personalized menus, with different finishes and high quality materials, to attract attention and arouse the curiosity of the customers. They invite the evaluation of the dishes and specialties that the place has to offer.


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We are an original, fresh and cheerful company. Committed to providing our customers with the option to explore and discover exclusive products, with a wide variety of options, that can be obtained by the single click, any product via online and send it anywhere in USA.

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