How To Be A “Lucky” Investor

Posted by DreamGains on April 30th, 2019

Let us make it very clear in the beginning - this blog is not going to tell you about some magical way to improve your luck in the stock market and become successful overnight.  Being lucky In life and investing is largely about increasing your chances of success. But how do you increase your chances of success?

 99 percent people will give you the cliché answer - “Study about good investing, read a lot and work hard to implement what you read.” However, is that all that is there to it? We would like to tell you that there is one more thing to it.

You might already know that in the stock market your task is to find good businesses with good chances of success but what you might not know is that your real task is to find people who are running good businesses. This is the secret of being “lucky”.

None other than legendary investor Warren Buffet has mentioned the benefits of working with people of good character and how that brings good fortune in his letters to investors.

It is not for nothing that it is said that your future is decided by the books you read and the people you associate with. When you buy a stock, knowingly or unknowingly you’re associating with owners and managers of a business as a minority shareholder. Basically, you’re sending a message that you trust the managers of the business and have thus decided to invest in it yourself.

If the businessperson you’re associating with is not scrupulous and doesn’t have integrity, irrespective of how good he or she is at their job or how smart they are as a businessperson, your investment can never be safe.

Once you find a good business that is being run by good people you should stick to it. Of course, this is subject to the fact that the people running the business stay the same in their approach and don’t change into bad guys. In that case, you failed to judge the people correctly so move on.

Like attracts like. Having a good character and practicing what you preach will attract similar people and you’ll be able to seek out such businesses too.

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