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Posted by johnhrq on April 30th, 2019

There are a few manufacturers that produce military reproductions in popular calibers, and only a few that do so while offering sporting arms. There are even fewer that offer quality at a decent price and a wide range of options. Perhaps one of the best examples of these such manufacturers is Century Arms.

It is rare to find a producer from which one can find excellent and functional examples of historical rifles, handguns, and shotguns in tactical configurations as well as sporting platforms. From Century Arms one can expect to find military rifles, high capacity semi-automatic pistols, break and lever action shotguns, or bolt action rimfires.

In fact, the spread of available Century Products For Sale is one of the most impressive from one manufacturer available today, and in handsome form at uncharacteristically approachable prices. It would be nearly impossible to concisely categorize all of the popular models they sell, but there are definitely a few interesting models that are favorites.

One of their most popular models is the Century C308 in .308 Winchester. An AR-15 style autoloader in an immensely popular caliber, the C308 is an amazingly affordable and reliable rifle with an even more reliable delayed gas blowback system. Its suite of features includes a fluted chamber for reliable chambering and extraction, an 18-inch barrel threaded ? x 24 for compatibility with a range of muzzle accessories. The receiver has an integral Picatinny rail for customization and accessorization, and the rifle accepts both G3 and CETME magazines. On top of it all, its attractive wood fittings set it apart from the common and plain black plastic furniture that gives “black rifles” their name.

If you’re looking for a dependable handgun for self-defense or competition, Century’s Canik TP9 Elite Combat has made a name for itself amongst shooters. A model from this line available at G4G Guns comes with a Salient fiber optic sight and is ready for accessories such as a red dot sight. With a capacity of 18+1 in its 9mm Luger chambering, this packs serious power and capacity into its small frame. However, it is far from the only handgun available from Century, which also provides many other semi-autos in addition to interesting models like derringer style pistols in .357 magnum and .45 Colt.

If among the Century products for sale you’re hoping to come across a scattergun, Century Arms provides many interesting models such as lever actions, semi-autos, and some of the most handsome and affordable break doubles available to shooters today. A far cry from some of the 10,000 dollar custom builds that competitive shooters like to sling, Century’s JW-2000 Coach Shotgun is still a head turner. Immensely attractive with its exposed hammers and demur dark steel finish and hardwood stock and forend, this gun is rugged and dependable, intended to fire reliably rather than look pretty in a lit case. Though short, it excels at upland and wooded hunting where a short barrel makes navigating overgrown copses possible and practical. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this gun is its price, coming in hundreds of dollars below much of the competition.

The next thing to figure out after you’ve decided on a new Century Arms rifle, handgun or shotgun is where to find it. G4G Guns is the premier supplier of all things shooting and outdoors, whether your pursuits are tactical, competitive, or sporting. Not only will you find Century products for sale, but when you come to G4G Guns for your sporting needs, you’ll also find camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking supplies. In an era where it has become harder and harder to find quality outdoor gear, G4G Guns is a breath of fresh air, outfitting outdoorsmen with the essentials they need. Head to today to find your next Century Arms deal.

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