Violent Wind? Soil Too Hard? We Have The Solution!

Posted by Flag China on April 30th, 2019

As one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of Beach flag design in china, we bring here high quality sublimation display flags at good price. Our flags and beach flags are delivered, free of charge, with a cross leg (sometimes accompanied by a ballast) or a drilling foot. We also offer a sail post, a water tank 24 liters and a square base available in 3 different weights.

We detail you below, the different systems and their main features, to help you make the right choice.

But before that here is some brief information about flags types:-

  • Flag Drop

The Drop Flag offers an interesting shape and is available in several sizes. It seduces by its asymmetrical shape and its large printing surface. In addition, it is easy to transport and assembles quickly. Its "drop" shape allows it to expand perfectly without wrinkling, ensuring an optimal reading of your advertising message.

  • Wing Flag

This banner, which takes the form of a shark fin, is one of the best sellers in the range. Its straight and oblong surface is perfectly adapted to the printing of large square motifs.

  • Curved Flag

This wave-shaped advertising veil differs from the Wing Flag by its other curved end. This shape allows the Curve Flag to reduce its hold in the wind and thus guarantee a longer life. In addition, this feather flag also provides an interesting printing surface for large square patterns.

  • Straight Flag

The Straight Flag seduces with its square shape, offering the largest printing area among the entire range of flying banners. Thanks to the straight edges on the mast side, you can easily print your advertising messages.

  • Mini Veil Flag

The Mini Veil Flag is only 51 cm high. It is therefore ideal for restricted exhibition areas such as meeting tables, counters, etc. Its round aluminum foot ensures optimal stability for a small footprint. This model is available in dimensions 33 x 51 cm.


The cross-leg beach flag is one of our flagship products. No wonder: the spider foot ensures a stable and solid basis and is compatible with many flags formats, such as the Drop Flag, the Curve flag, the Wing Flag and the Flag Law. For outdoor use, we recommend that you add the 12-liter ballast buoy to ensure perfect mast stability in the event of a gust of wind. For large format flags, only the cross leg is sufficient inside. For outdoor use, it is advisable to combine it with a weighted base.


Do you want to install your outdoor advertising sail, but are you worried that it will not withstand storms and violent gusts of wind? So the drill foot is made for you: a 100% reliable accessory to secure and guarantee the optimal maintenance of your flags and banners. The ground screw is suitable for all small common formats, such as Drop Flag, the Wing Flag, the Curve Flag and the Flag Law. It is not compatible with large flag formats.

Violent wind? Soil too hard? We have the solution!

With a length of 80 cm, our Veil Piquet ensures sufficient penetration into the ground to ensure the perfect stability of your flags, even in large formats. The sail post is also suitable for all lawn / ground types from normal to hard. The sail post is compatible with, for example, the Drop Flag, the Wing Flag, the Curve Flag and the Right Flag.


You want to install a feather flag outdoors on a loose surface (lawn, grass) but fear any gusts of wind? Opt for serenity with a water tank of 24 liters. The tank can be ballasted with water or sand. Our plastic tank is compatible with all models, such as the Drop Flag, the Wing Flag, the Curve Flag and the Flag Law.


The Metal Stand resists wind gusts and ensures your advertising medium optimal stability outdoors, even on smooth concrete floor. We offer the square base with different weight levels: you can choose between 6 kg, 12 kg and 20 kg. The flat base is compatible with many models of banners such as Drop Flag, the Wing flag, the right flag and the Curve flag.


Our ballast buoy is made of a robust mixture of rubber and plastic, specially designed for outdoor use. It has a capacity of 12 liters. The ballast buoy is not reserved for a specific type of printed sail flag. It is compatible with many sizes of custom advertising sails. To name a few: the Drop Flag, the Wing Flag, the Curve Flag and the Right Flag.

As one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of pop-up banners in China, our factory offers customized advertising screen products at low prices.

Please feel free to contact us to know more about Beach banner flag .

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