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Posted by Fogingsam on May 1st, 2019

So I play with The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold of gacha games and I will state that ES:The Elder Scrolls Blades' pricing model is quite like those games, it's pretty standard for all games tbh. Nevertheless, it did not have to be this way. A 3 hour wait time on the silver torso is too long and the rewards are from what I have seen much too small. The worst part is that you can only have chests in your inventory so in the event that you come across a chest while exploring you need to leave it open it with stone. You ought to be permitted to open 3 chests The Elder Scrolls Blades seems to throw you since in a couple hours of playtime you can get around 2 weeks worth of chest timers.

ESO Blades Boosting was disappointing. I would not mind the monetization if the rest of The Elder Scrolls Blades were excellent. There just is t enough there. There are several options. Do yourself a favor only get some thing or aralorn. There are some really good games in this genre on cellphone just look round, and they wont even have microtransactions.Excuse me? Did you assume they need and/or need your admiration for gaming or their game in general? They want your money to be invested on damn stone. I am waiting for D. Wonder how they're going to monetise it, after Bethesda comes up with this while promising the spirit of The Elder Scrolls Blades series.

Whilst needing gems to build shit in city is, again, fairly standard for a freemium game, requiring gems to open treasure chests is foolish. Also am I right in saying that if you have chests, their timers tick down one ? It seemed that way in the video, and if that is true then that is exceptionally shitty.This can come as a surprise for many, as odd as it may sound, but these games, or rather all of The Elder Scrolls Bladess are created to make money. Not to make folks happy. It is business. If I'd make a match, I would also make it ONLY to generate money for myself, why would I create it differently??

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