Data Control Technitic - US/China Trade War Hampers Product Launches

Posted by Donald Hood on May 1st, 2019

1888 Press Release - Data Control Technitic has admitted that the ongoing trade dispute between China and the US has impacted upon its product launch schedule.

Hong Kong-based LiDAR pioneer, Data Control Technitic has admitted that the ongoing trade war between the world’s largest and second largest economies is having a deleterious effect on its schedule for product launches.

The company says that the dispute is creating “bottlenecks” in the supply chains that its products rely upon. Moreover, Data Control Technitic concedes that the trade could potentially adversely affect ongoing development if it extends much beyond the end of 2019.

“The end of 2019 probably sounds like it’s quite some way away but it’s worth remembering that we’re half way through the 2nd quarter of the year,” explained the Data Control Technitic Chief Technology Officer.

The trade dispute between China and America has seen both countries impose large tariffs on each other’s exports. The US has imposed levies on almost 0 billion-worth of Chinese goods bound for its shores while Beijing has retaliated with charges of its own on 0 billion-worth of inbound American goods.

“The semiconductors used in our products are supplied by our mainland suppliers who buy them from American companies and modify them to our specifications. The tariffs China’s imposed on them have made them less attractive to our suppliers so we’re having to consider other ways of sourcing the components we need. We have sufficient stocks to last until the end of the year but beyond that, there is cause for concern,” concluded Data Control Technitic CTO.

The company’s hand held LiDAR scanner may be delayed as a direct consequence of the difficulties but Data Control Technitic's Chief Technology Officer said there would be further announcements as release dates drew closer.

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