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Posted by johnhrq on May 1st, 2019

There are a several arms manufacturers that have risen to the top of the industry as legends in their own right, creating a brand and an image rooted in the sacraments of reliability, indestructibility, and quality that cannot be dulled. One such manufacturer is Smith & Wesson, which, since 1852, has been providing unflinching equipment to law enforcement, military personnel, and sportsmen without fail or interruption. It is a name that precedes the sellers that offer its wares, and rightly so.

However, when you are in the market for such legendary material, you’ll want to trust in a provider that understands it inside and out, and that provider is G4G Guns. You will find Smith & Wesson products for sale at G4G Guns, including favorites like the M1911, the M&P line, and the popular Smith & Wesson 500.

Smith & Wesson has been a favorite amongst shooters from all walks for generations because of its legendary reliability, its company vision of innovation, and its dedication to its ideals. For longer than anyone living can remember, Smith & Wesson has stood high above the competition, outfitting law enforcement officers, military personnel, and defense-minded civilians with arms that take a backseat to none.

In many ways, its more popular models need no introduction, but when you are set on Smith & Wesson products for sale and start your search, you’ll expect to find models like the Smith & Wesson M1911. Widely available chambered in 9mm Luger and .45 ACP/Auto, this platform has been the gold standard to which all following autoloading pistols have been judged, both in performance and in style.

With hallmark features such as its double-sided frame safety, oversized extractor, and precision crowned muzzle for outstanding accuracy, it’s easy to see why the M1911 has been so popular for so long amongst so many different shooters. As if it’s quality components did not speak enough volume, its handsome silver-tone hardware and carefully graven wood grips make an attractive piece that differentiates it well from other popular black poly handguns.

Another popular model to be found at G4G Guns is Smith & Wesson’s Airweight M642 in .38 special. Slightly more demure than the M1911, but with a nearly fail-proof internal hammer revolver action chambered in the ubiquitous and powerful .38 special, this is the ultimate snub nose for concealed carry. What it lacks in size, it has given to concealment and easily atones for in power. Without a hammer to snag on pants, a belt, or a holster, and with the inherently ironbound reliability and speed of revolver action, this is a formidable weapon in the hands of a capable wheelgunner.

If concealment is not as much of a concern and a more powerful cartridge your aim, you might be drawn to a model like Smith & Wesson’s Competitor M686. Chambered in .357 magnum, this is a formidable sidearm by any metric, whether its use will be for self-defense, law enforcement, or competition. With a heavy and steadying 6-inch stainless steel barrel and cylinder and with adjustable rear sights, this single double revolver is well suited for any of the aforementioned pursuits or even, depending on your intent, for sporting purposes.

Of course, once you’ve settled on your next Smith & Wesson model, your best bet for procurement will be G4G Guns. Not only does G4G Guns have an impressive selection of the best models available, but their staff is also a breeze to work with, happy to answer questions and ready to make purchase navigation easy. Head to to find the Smith & Wesson products for sale they have available and more.

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