Upsides of Using Employee Onboarding Software

Posted by silkroad7 on May 1st, 2019

To escape the burden of managing every aspect of employee onboarding including completion of new hire forms, waivers, confidentiality agreement, and payroll, employers take the support of employee onboarding software. Onboarding software is useful to fulfill the responsibilities of new hire orientation and enhancing the new hire’s employment experience. Apart from the orientation of the new hire, onboarding software ensures that the employee acquires the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to perform in a productive manner.

Sharing the necessary paperwork and forms electronically with the use of onboarding technology enables the employee to do all the paperwork online. There are several benefits of employee onboarding software in enhancing the onboarding journey of a new hire as stated below.

1- Save money- Investing in onboarding software can cost a lot initially but it can reap a hefty return on investment in the long run. Moreover, it eliminates the necessity to recruit anunnecessary manual workforce to conduct administrative and paperwork. Thus, with the onboarding software, the organization can save a lot of money involved in the workforce, paper, and postage.

2- One-on-one interaction with the employee- Onboarding software manages the employee orientation process and documentation electronically, thus giving the employer the crucial time to indulge in one-on-one interaction with the new hire. This helps them to converse more on meaningful and less on frequently asked general questions.

3- Improve employee productivity- Onboarding software tracks the training and learning process of the new hire. By placing a greater emphasis on the employee training progress, this software helps the employer to direct the performance of the new hire towards higher productivity.

4- Accountability and accuracy- If not done properly, employee onboarding processes can become lengthy, hamper the employee’s productivity, and may not be able to explain to the new hire what exactly the organization does. Onboarding software becomes a savior here and is accountable to provide the employee most out of the onboarding process. By letting the employees fill out the forms themselves, the software also ensures the accuracy without leaving any chance for error.

5- Greater insight- The employee onboarding software has tracking and reporting tools which allows the leaders to get a better insight into the employee’s activities and how the new hire engages in the learning material provided on the electronic platform.

6- Easy technological adaptation- With onboarding software, new employees engage with the organization electronically from scratch. The employee begins with an online recruitment system that also includes approving the form with an electronic signature, thus helping the employee adapt to the technology-based business environment quickly and easily.

7- Compliance- The records generated by the software are useful to ascertain which employeesare aware of the organization’s rules, relevant codes, and laws. Upon taking requisite actions against those who don’t comply with the set rules and regulations, an employee onboarding software helps to avoid repetition of such a scenario.

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