I think this ESO Blades Gold is more

Posted by Fogingsam on May 1st, 2019

DarkLames I concur, I think this ESO Blades Gold is more of a return to their origins (yeah I made that reference) in the sense that it's essentially only remaking the OG elder scrolls arena and placing some combat elements from newer games (like magicka) and giving characters the exact same look as Skyrim characters.they have also stated this is gont function as among the most ambitious projects ever for The Elder Scrolls Blades which means it is gont be more amazing or their terribly wrong because in the past couple of years how many expansions did they create for The Elder Scrolls Blades? A whole lot, and if it is gonna be harder than that it's gonna need to be mad. Like, a map the size of redguard with detail such as that of skyrim and lore consequences like that of oblivion.

ESO Mobile Gold in the conversation, it lets go of the heavy lore of the last couple elder scrolls games (I guess maybe redguard too cause faction war and stuff) but it goes back into the play mode of the aged old ooooollllld games such as arena, I might be willing to say battlespire but I didn't see any diversity in weapons so that I won't say that one but to me it is actually remaking those old ones that are just to see just how far you can go.

. I believe I and many others would be ready to cover something like this.

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