14 Ways Call Centers are Rocking Today’s Education Industry

Posted by Neha Gupta on May 2nd, 2019

The education industry is at crossroads, I mean the administrative costs are soaring up, the revenues are declining, and the popularity of online courses isn’t helping the growth prospect of the education institutions either. All these factors leave this industry with little choice but to explore new avenues of growth.

The Solution:

Desperate for a solution, some have adopted the idea of shared service models while others are more keen on adopting digital technology and analytics-driven methods to transform their administrative processes. There are still more who have begun evaluating their delivery models. But are these solutions worth the effort? Let’s see.

One thing no one can deny is that in order to stand apart in today’s competitive education sector, one must focus not only on creating an excellent experience for their students throughout their journey from being prospects to becoming alumni but also on mission-critical tasks besides managing time handling calls and responding to other routine communication.

No wonder a lot majority of education institutions these days are looking at third-party solution providers to offer cost efficiencies. Let’s see what these education call centers really have to offer to your institution.

a) Call centers offer lead management that handles both the admissions and the queries besides tracking the source of all the inquiries.

b) Your callers get instant SMS and email notifications for all the courses offered at your institution.

c) Call centers not only manage web call back for inquiries through their web portal but also arrange instant callbacks for email inquiries as well.

d) Education call centers also offer end to end call tracking besides recording every call for quality purposes.

e) They offer an extensive and comprehensive reporting to the management which is a by-product of their efficient and centralized interaction with the applicants.

f) They generally feature a quick response time for application requests.

g) Call centers have a direct and positive impact on your ROI on advertising investments.

h) Also, call centers help streamline and simplify your administrative processes by answering common questions through helplines and help complete administrative transactions besides utilizing IVR technology to automate directory assistance.

i) Call centers make the most of the latest technologies to open new multimedia channels for auxiliary services.

j) Call centers help improve caller satisfaction by distributing leads to a broader base of people through high volume periods in order to improve response time, reduce caller frustration by routing the calls to the right person the first time with auto-attendant and caller information.

k) Call center services support and maintain education campus’s high tech reputation by attracting digital generation students with the latest in communication technology.

l) They also help improve your staff productivity by utilizing the latest multi-media Content Management Applications with database integration to help provide statistics to alert staff of any sudden change in call volumes.

m) Call centers handle customer calls effectively by spreading the inbound call load evenly across available agents besides streamlining outbound calls to potential prospects.

n) And lastly, call centers help lower the operating costs by not only taking full advantages of available tools to cut call handling time and costs but also through automated messages and announcements to keep the caller in queue beside offering callbacks to streamline call flow and work flow tasks.

At Octopus Tech, we understand the importance of education in our community. We also know how your institution interacts with innumerable students, parents, and business partners on any given day. That’s why we are here, to preserve your reputation for dedication and to represent you warmly and skillfully on every call.

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