Importance of Industrial Wireless Sensors

Posted by UbiBot on May 2nd, 2019

n computer rooms and data centers, temperature monitoring is quite important to practice in the maintenance.  IOT Based Smart Agriculture devices are the newest way to monitor climate and temperature in the data room.


Computers generate a huge amount of waste heat as the electricity is circulated through them. Integrated circuits in computers produce lots of heat as they are used. This heat can float off to the environment. It also warms the area inside and around the computer. With the help of a small fan, you can cool off the processor. The waste heat also doesn’t create any noticeable difference in the room. But when there is a large data room, the amount of heat collectively put off by hundreds or even thousands of computers. It makes a very huge impact on the surrounding environment. If temperatures get higher, computer parts can start malfunctioning or even melting. Permanent damage can be caused also to the computers if the temperature gets too much high.
Even the malfunctions in the computer can cause permanent or temporary data loss that can have serious consequences for your business. Operators of data room or the server room also deal with the issues like smoke, humidity, water and continuous power to consider.


Heat problems are something that generally can be solved easily with the Industrial Wireless Sensors. When it comes to a solution to this issue and avoiding the malfunction of computer due to temperature, humidity, leakage and more, the WI-FI based IOT platform is the best solution.
This temperature monitoring system can help you to record data about the temperature in and around your data room and it will alert quickly the staff to the problems so they can be resolved on time before they affect the viability of very equipment for a long time.
By installing the software, you can easily avoid the network and environment downtime. They come at a very low-cost price but save a lot of money from you. If you are aware of the temperature changes before it happens, you can take action to stop them. By this way, you can save a lot of money or the repairing cost. These devices are easy to handle and easy to use. Even the staffs of a company can get use them efficiently.


UBIBOT has launched a smart IOT based platform or device to monitor temperature and humidity in the data room.

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