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Posted by JessicaRhodes on May 2nd, 2019

2 May 2019 – Kayak Dubrovnik provides an amazing opportunity for all adventurers to profit from amazing rivers of Croatia. Kayaking is a type of water tourism, sports or water activities using a vessel called a kayak. A person doing kayaking is called a kayaker. Kayaking can be divided into: Sea or recreational kayaking, Extreme rafting on mountain rivers, Rowing slalom, Expedition rafting (water tourism) and other types. With Kayak Dubrovnik you can profit from expedition rafting on rivers.

The website of Kayak Dubrovnik will help you understand the principles of adventures of Kayak Dubrovnik. If you are planning a summer trip somewhere, maybe it should be worthwhile to consider the Kayak Dubrovnik option too. You will be surprised to find out the cheap prices and the affordable offers of Kayak Dubrovnik. Do not hesitate to ask a question online from the Kayak Dubrovnik representatives and you will be provided with a fast answer.

Without exaggeration, Dubrovnik, located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, can be called the most famous resort not only of Croatia, but of the entire Balkan Peninsula. This "Pearl of the Adriatic" is included in the UNESCO organization among the three most beautiful cities in Europe. Dubrovnik is not just a city - it is a huge historical monument of the Renaissance. Dubrovnik is a city with a rich history. The settlement on the site of modern Dubrovnik was founded by newcomers from Epidaurus in the 7th century. It was called Ragusium. By the way, in Italian the city is still referred to as "Ragusa". The name "Dubrovnik" appeared only a hundred years later, when ancient Slavic tribes settled in these parts. The growth and development of the city is largely due to its location. The sea fed Dubrovnik residents and ensured its strategic importance. Even under the rule of Byzantium, Dubrovnik retained relative independence. If you are wondering to combine both adventure and city excursions, then the Kayak Dubrovnik tours can be the best choice for you.

About Kayak Dubrovnik:

Kayak Dubrovnik is the coolest company organizing rafting and kayaking tours all over the Croatian best waters. If you are dreaming to try the kayaking sport, then you are more than welcome to join the great Kayak Dubrovnik team and set your summer plans for Kayak Dubrovnik. You will never regret to have chosen the amazing Kayak Dubrovnik services for everybody.


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