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Get East Coast Florida Survey

Posted by Floridaaerial on May 2nd, 2019

Florida has a Surveying and Mapping Society that represents the surveys and mapping profession in Florida. It acts as a professional network in the state and national level with around 19 local chapters situated in the state. The members of this group have an opportunity to meet others holding the same post to discuss the challenges faced by them. The characteristic of the organization is to build connections and relationships that enhance the profession and society.

They also monitor the legislation that is proposed and changes in rules that affect the surveying and mapping profession. One important function of the association is regular communications regarding current news, developments, and advancements in the profession.

The Aerial Survey of Florida

There are companies based in Florida that carry out aerial surveys that serve Florida, Caribbean, and others. They are insured and licensed for piloting and surveying. They use highly specialized surveying methods. They are focused on rapid, accurate and reliable data acquisition. They use methods which are most advanced to gather data from sites which includes elevations, grades, areas, volumes, lengths, and a lot more.

They operate internationally, serving the Caribbean, EU, South America, Florida, and the USA. They are quick, accurate and thorough in their job. They use technologies that are state of the art in collecting, creating modeling and transforming data for engineering, construction and agencies of the government in an efficient and quick manner.

Florida’s Licensed Survey

In Florida, firms can get land surveying license. To get these licenses there are certain requirements of the state to be fulfilled. There are application fees, filing instructions and a lot more. If you are interested in getting a license you have to contact the surveying firm which will provide you with all the details.

Before applying for a license, the firms should be sure that the licensed individual who is to be appointed as an agent in charge has the required licenses. If he belongs to out of state firm they should accumulate incorporation proof as well as foreign qualification. 

In Florida, there are Federal regulations and requirements for unmanned aerial vehicle operations. Florida Aerial Survey Technologies is insured and licensed in UAV piloting and surveying. They are well versed with the technologies they use and their executives have 30 years of experienced licensed surveying and 8 years of flying experience.

Florida’s Quick Survey

There is a company based in Florida which is a licensed surveying company which is insured in quick aerial, piloting and surveying as well as mapping services. The information accumulated by this company is used by construction and engineering companies in Florida.

Whenever any construction company requires Commercial, Residential or surveying of new construction sites in central Florida this company is contacted. But the professional network of Central Florida land survey is located in Sorrento, so quick surveys are provided the next day at no extra cost. They have 30 years’ experience in land surveys but every customer is treated like their only customer.

Do you want Florida Aerial Survey then go to and get the survey of Florida that you require.

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