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Avail The cheaper Home Refinancing Mortgage in Maitland & Winter Park!

Posted by cliftonmortgageservices on May 2nd, 2019

Learn about Refinancing: Pros and Cons of Replacing Loan:

What Is Refinancing?

Refinancing changes an existing loan with a new loan, which pays the debt of the old loan. New loans should have better terms or features that improve your finances. The description depends on the loan and the type of your lender, but the process usually looks like this:

A). You have an existing loan and you would like to correct in some way.

B). Or you find a lender with better credit terms, and you apply for new loans.


Refinance can be time-consuming and expensive, and a new loan attractive feature may be missing, which provides an existing loan. However, there are several potential benefits of refinancing:

For Save Money:- The main reason for refinancing is to save money on interest costs. To do this, you usually need to refinance the loan with an interest rate that is lower than your current rate. Especially with long-term debt and large dollar amounts, reducing interest rates can lead to significant savings.

To Reduce Low Payments:- Refinancing may reduce the required monthly payments. The result is more money available in the budget for easy cash flow management and other monthly expenses. When you refinance, you often resume the clock and increase the time you take in repaying the loan. Since your balance is the lowest in comparison to your basic loan balance and you have more time to repay, new monthly payments should be reduced.

To Reduce loan term:- Instead of expanding repayment, you can also refinance in short-term debt. For example, you may have a 30-year home loan, and that loan can be refinanced for a 15-year home loan, which will generally come with a lower interest rate. Of course, you can only make extra payments without refinancing to avoid the closing costs and maintain the flexibility of not being able to make those big payments.


Refinancing is not always an intelligent move. To make it worthwhile, upfront costs can be very high, and sometimes the benefits of current debt overturn the savings associated with refinancing.

Refinance can backfire. When you increase the loan payment in an extended period, you pay more interest on your loan. You can enjoy a low monthly payment, but that profit can be offset by the high lifetime cost of borrowing. Check out some numbers to see how much it really cost you for refinancing. Refine a quick loan to see how your interest cost changes with different loans.

You may Lose Some Benefits:- Some loans have useful features which if you refinance will be terminated. For example, federal student loans are more flexible than private student loans if you come on hard times. In addition, if your career involves public service, then federal loans can be partially waived. Similarly, keeping a fixed rate loan can be ideal if interest rates skyrocket - even if you temporarily get low rates with a variable rate loan.

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