What are the varieties of the rubber sheets found & their distinctive features?

Posted by David Kenton on May 2nd, 2019

The commercial rubber sheet is a name which is generally entitled to help the people in multiple purposes because of its affordability and brilliant economical costs. These sheets are generally black in colour and are made with the proportional blend of synthetic and natural rubber.

Apart from the above features, the Cheap Rubber Sheets use very important kind of polymers with the help of proper chemicals which totally emphasizes on doing a lot of works simultaneously.
With the proper assistance of the rotary curing machines and the compression molding these rubber sheets are totally made with a smooth finish with the attractive kind of insertion material.

Some of the attractive features of the commercial rubber sheet are:

• These rubber sheets are very much economical and are found at reasonable prices.
• They have a really smooth surface finish. 
• These rubber sheets are usually applied in very wide variety of industries. 
• They are made using the special NR/SBR compound and this perfect combination totally makes them perfect for the general sealing applications. 
• They have very low pricing and are used with the help of High-Density Polyethylene) or HDPE.
• They are always in-house tested and the manufacturer’s test certificate is always provided along with the supply. 

Another kind of rubber sheet is made by a proper blend of both of the natural and synthetic rubber and is totally used for sealing skirt along conveyor belts on the conveyor systems.
These Skirt Board Rubber Sheets are manufactured in such a way that they are available in a number of varieties depending on the hardness or the specific gravity. They are totally resistant to fire and their properties include:

• Minimizes wear and the tear of the conveyor belts
• Reduces a large extend of dust pollution and the spillage of the materials
• They usually develop or create a very strong seal when they are adjusted properly.
• They are available in slab forms or in pre-cut rubber strips so that they fulfill the needs of the belt system which is made ready for a very easy installation.
• They have very high and smooth surface finish and they are used at:

1. Sealing the side skirt along the conveyor belt
2. Economical skirting strip
3. They have flexible and long lasting seal so they are used for loading conveyor or transfer points
4. They have brilliant and outstanding durability and so they can withstand heavy impact at loading areas thereby exhibiting very good resistant properties.

• These sheets exhibit brilliant resistance to chemicals like acids and alkalis
• They usually have high tensile and mechanical strength
• They are totally manufactured using the special NR compound.

The special services and the customization of the skirt board rubber sheet are:

Custom formulations
Used in the Rubber sheet cutting
Hole punching
Excellent fabric and smooth surface finish
Totally Talc free
Customization of the colour
Tolerances are generally high and tighter
It has brilliant custom dimension

A general purpose rubber is used mainly in the mining industry as a side skirt on the conveyor belt system as it generally prevents the tough materials from falling down.

They are totally available in full wide slabs but abrasive resistant seal is also required for its good tensile and mechanical properties. They are also used for quarrying and the mining application in dust and control of the spillage.

They are also known as side rubber or the conveyor belt skirting rubber as they generally consist of wood or metal strips to which the soft kind of rubber strips are attached. These skirts should never touch the belt and with the help of the pure rubber they provide proper hardness and surface tension to the pads. Generally the conveyor belts which have been already used should not be used again.


So from the above mentioned points we understood that although they are very much different from one another but some of the properties of these rubber sheets are totally similar as they provide exclusive help to the people in many kinds of ways.

The customer sales representative takes care of all the needs and fulfillments and in this way they satisfy the needs of their fellow consumers.

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