Why You Should Overhaul Your Diesel engine?

Posted by Hardik on May 3rd, 2019

Diesel engines are known for their longevity and fuel efficiency. But like every engine, it has a limited life. At some time you will have to think of an engine overhaul. Despite regular maintenance and care, an engine can fail and require a complete overhaul. When the engine begins to lose its efficiency and power, even after it has been serviced, it’s a sign that you need an overhaul. You will need a good diesel engine parts manufacturers India as well as a mechanic with the right experience.

What will an overhaul involve?

An engine overhaul can be complete or partial. The mechanic will recommend this as per the condition of the car. A mechanic will remove, disassemble and inspect the engine to see where the fault lies. Since we are taking apart the entire engine, the mechanic can inspect each part properly to see what needs to be replaced and repaired. Small parts like bolts are replaced. Bigger parts are replaced as per requirement.

The mechanic will also clean the engine to remove the build up of grease and grime. After the repairs are carried out and the replacements fixed, the engine will be put together and replaced. In a complete overhaul, the mechanic will also replace parts like piston, rod bearing and regrinding of crankshaft. An overhaul is highly recommended because it restores all engine functions and has it running as good as new.

Benefits of an overhaul:

Expanding engine life: Like everything an engine has its limited life. At some point it will stop being effective. This is inevitable with wear and tear of the various parts. As these get old, the engine itself starts nearing the end of its life. This is why, an overhaul is akin to a new lease of life for the engine. Whether you go for a partial or full overhaul, you will be replacing worn out parts with newer components. With the new parts you also get an extension on the life of the engine.

Improving performance: As the life of the engine declines, its performance will also start lagging. It will have less power and will run less smoothly. It will stall often and perform poorly. When you overhaul the engine and replace components from diesel engine parts manufacturers India, you restore the engine to factory conditions. The engine is then as good as new, giving you the best performance possible.

Better fuel efficiency: One of the consequences of a failing engine is its rising fuel consumption. A less than efficient engine needs more fuel. This is why your fuel bills go up as the car gets older. Overhauling the engine ensures that fuel efficiency is restored. The process itself can help you out here. When a mechanic overhauls the engine, he/she will take out all the parts. This is when any leaks are detected and patched up. New engine parts and repairs means we get better fuel efficiency. 

Increasing car life-span: Most cars start nearing the end of their life when their engines start failing. If we can fix the engine, the rest of a car — even an old car — is not so difficult to fix. Even old cars have been fixed with a little help from diesel engine parts manufacturers India. If we overhaul the engine in time, we automatically increase the life span of the car itself.

Cost effective: Overhauling may seem like costly if we see just the cost. Top quality parts can be expensive. But it can be very cost effective in the long run. There are multiple cost benefits to replacing the engine or engine parts. To begin with, we increase the life of the engine and the car. It means we can stave off any necessity of buying a new car for some time. Then there are the lower operating costs. A new engine means that you have better fuel efficiency. So, your fuel bills are reduced. Additionally, a new engine will take less frequent maintenance and will cost you less. So, you save money on repairs, fuel, parts and car replacement!

So, there are real advantages of getting your engine overhauled when the time comes. However, you should ensure that your it from a reliable diesel engine parts manufacturers India.


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