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Posted by Melda Research on May 3rd, 2019

Activity #13

In this activity in which I employed a broad range of coping skills, there was one useful aspect that I realized. Whatever the coping skill you use, I realized that dealing with stress is significant in maintaining an overall good health for an individual. Coping with stress plays a major role in improving a person’s mood thus becomes more productive and efficiently deal with any circumstances that they encounter. Coping with stress assists a person to relax their mind hence not only allowing a person with stress issues to formulate an effective strategy for solving the problem, but also enables them to execute the strategy effectively. Therefore, all individuals must have good stress coping skills to improve their health and well-being.

One coping skill that I found very effective is meditation. Meditation allows a stressed individual not only to relax their mind and examine their inner self through a high level of honesty and compassion, instead of criticism and judgment. It is from meditation that a person pushes away any tension or distraction on their way, and embarks on a healing process. Another effective stress coping skill was engaging in regular moderate exercises that include swimming, jogging or walking, and yoga. These exercise increase person’s self-confidence as well as reduce any anxiety and depression they may be suffering. A third coping stress identified was having an adequate sleep as the body stays rejuvenated. These coping skills were however determined to be more efficient if combined with positive thinking as it allows an individual to push away the stress persistently and that the individual does not think that their efforts are not good enough. Also, it was determined that if regular moderate exercises and adequate sleep were combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, it could lead to positive outcomes when dealing with stress.

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