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Posted by Winnie Melda on May 3rd, 2019

As a professional school counselor, the role that one is engaged wide depends on the various cases that are reported. Ideally, a school counselor is linked with the hard task of winning the student confidence and ensures that the student academic performance is not affected in either way. The primary role of the professional school counselor is providing the comprehensive support towards meeting the needs of the students by counseling them on the issues that stand to affect their comfortability within the school framework. The counseling services are provided within the limit such that the counselor is not allowed to provide long-term counseling to the students. The actual scope of counseling is for the physical, emotional, social and moral problems. The personal needs, educational problems, career development and situational problems. The task is a little challenging, and it requires dedication where the school counselor must understand the student limitations so as to understand how to go about providing counseling services (Nursing Path Follow, 2013).

School counseling and mental health counseling differ by how the services of counseling therapy are provided. From the structure point of view, school counseling is a little wide such that the counselor must respond to all emerging social, economic as well as mental and other issues unlike to the mental health counselor such as the community mental health counselor who is defined with responding to cases that involve mental disorders. On this ground, it can even be noted that the payment for a professional school counselor and a community mental health counselor differ very much. The school counselor receives the payment of 610 while the mental health counselor receives 500 as at 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing a difference of 000. The pay gives a clear difference as payment is given according to the tasks handled (Acosta, 2015).

At academic consideration, the careers will require a graduate degree. However, the students in the school counseling will take a little focus on the issues to do with education, development, and behaviors while the mental health counselors’ focusing on various therapy styles, approaches, and techniques. The school counselors majorly do mentor and counsel the students on basic career and education goals, social, psychological, behavioral, and emotional issues of bullying, low self-esteem, and substance abuse, and low self-esteem. This is achieved through the collaboration with parents, the institution administration, teachers and the government. The mental health counselors, on the other hand, do always respond after identifying the issue and providing the appropriate therapy according to the symptoms and other essential needs such as emotions, social, mental, and addiction.

The mental health counseling is just beyond the limits of the school counseling from the initial understanding that school counseling does not involve long-term therapies in what so ever. The approaches that mental health counseling adopts towards responding to a certain issue are different, and they require some referrals. This may stand out to affect the normal school operations or may cause uncertainty amongst the students hence making the program just beyond the school platform. In the cases of referral, the counselor must have the evidence of the various detected problems with the victim which will provide the link of establishing the appropriate therapy to the victim, thus involving certain procedures.


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