How to build a blockchain consensus ecology and see how the Blue Dot Group does

Posted by investmentexpert on May 4th, 2019

Blockchain, as an internationally versatile technology, is accelerating from the digital currency sector to all walks of life. Innovative integration has given new kinetic energy to the new round of development of various industries. Its revolutionary innovation goes centralized distributed ledger database will realize iterative upgrade from information internet to value internet. It is becoming an indispensable part of the future technology world.

The advancement of the blockchain era is based on consensus, only when it reaches a high level of consensus. Industry consensus pushes the industry to a climax. Only by developing the ecological application value of the blockchain can the blockchain of the industry be promoted.

Distribution intelligence • link value • joint certificate and consensus ecology. Blue Point Group UFN Cloud Blockchain Consensus Ecology build a blue dot consensus ecosystem through big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to build a more diversified business application scenarios, the entire consensus ecological application service layer is more intelligent and secure.

UFN cloud blockchain design fully considers system security, constructing from two aspects of technology and operation mechanism security policy to prevent all possible attacks and risks. On the one hand, to ensure that the blockchain avoids double flowers or forks, etc. Risks caused by the mechanism; on the other hand, avoid possible attacks and technical failures from technical design and development risk. Adopting the innovative and secure DPOC consensus mechanism, the self-test operation mechanism has been added to prevent the accounting section. The fault or error of the point fully guarantees the stable and safe operation of the block.

As a trusted blockchain digital asset network, the UFN blockchain underlying technology application service layer. Target users are developers and organizations, decentralized through blockchain technology, efficient and transparent processes, and high data technical features of security, support leads people to actively and voluntarily become providers and use of data and value. Then, the entire data system is shared, and finally a value network in which digital assets are freely circulated is created.

UFN is an underlying application service chain and a complete decentralized digital asset ecosystem. Many areas such as consumer scenes. It covers capital, smart wealth management, digital asset management, digital asset payments, blockchain games, blockchain entertainment, blockchain mall, blockchain community, blockchain travel brigade project and physical scene real estate hotel.

Blue Point Group's encrypted digital technology system based on the blockchain will make it easier to solve the interconnection. Online value recognition, repeated payment and other issues, the formation of value transfer on the Internet, will be on the blockchain. The construction of state values produces a benign effect. The Blue Dot Consensus Ecosystem will develop a variety of application scenarios. To meet the diverse needs of platform users, a perfect and sound decentralized eco-transaction platform has been created.

Therefore, Benitet Smart Wallet Bank uses its own platform advantages by transmitting data with users.
The role of the modern commercial bank, providing users with smart finance, digital asset applications, smart contracts Application scenarios such as applications and project investments. Take "lightweight, intelligent, special, digital, global Business services.

In the future, Benitet Smart Wallet will also speed up the application of layout in various fields, at the same time, Beni Wisdom Wallet also hopes to have more application scenarios for enterprise and application users to join Benite Wisdom Wallet. Enjoy digital value and work together to create a win-win ecosystem for Benitet's smart wallet blockchain

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