Ticket to Work Benefits Employers and Program Participants

Posted by Rob J on May 4th, 2019

Virtually no one would contest the value Social Security Ticket to Work program providers and employees get because of their participation. The tangible benefits are well documented. There are several intangible benefits every employer and employee get for their participation as well; here are a few of them.

For the Provider:

An Enthusiastic and Hard Working Employee: A Ticket to Work employee is cajoled into participating. The program is entirely voluntary. That means every employer in the program will get an enthusiastic, trustworthy and hardworking employee who is dedicated to doing a good job all the time.

Greater Sense of Community and Workplace Diversity: With the inclusion of a Social Security Administration Ticket to Work employee, a business can very quickly illustrate their commitment to a diverse and dynamic workplace. Further, they help the entire community by employing someone who wants to be a contributing member of society.

It is Funded and Managed: Social Security Ticket to Work providers are aided by federal funds to help offset the cost of employing them and the work plan is developed and managed by Ticket to Work experts.

It is Great PR: Participation says an employer is a great neighbor and a community leader. It also says, that as a company, the bottom line is not their sole concern, which is important to many talented job prospects as well as customers.

For the Employee:

Learning New Skills and Adapting: The entire purpose of the Ticket to Work program is to help the disabled individual gain meaningful employment, learn new skills and become more independent. The program ensures the participating employee will successfully train and execute new skills that will help them in that position and in the future.

Greater Exposure: Being employed means the individual will learn new life skills as well as employment skills. This can help them navigate life successfully. It can also help them to learn to deal with adversity, stress, and problem solving – all skills that help all of us cope with our daily routine.

Pay Without Harming Benefits: Participation, as long as the participant sticks to their work plan does not affect government assistance eligibility. The goal is to ultimately get the disabled recipient off of assistance but only when they are ready and capable.

Social Security Ticket to Work program providers and employees get far more than just a valued employee and chance to work through the program. As outlined above, the benefits expand far beyond the workplace and into the greater community, leaving both better off for having participated.

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