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Posted by preform nicole on May 5th, 2019

 Food Pet Preform Mould are round in shape and have a square shape and an elliptical shape. The circular bottle body has a large application amount, and is characterized by uniform wall thickness, high external force resistance, low production cost, and low utilization rate of effective area during storage or transportation. The square bottle has a high effective area utilization and good stability, but it is more prone to bottle expansion and deformation.
    Why are the shapes of PET bottles in different foods different, but the shape of cans is the same? Because the cans are cold drawn and stretched, the round shape is very easy to make a deep drawing design. Other shapes are defective. PET bottles are injection molded or blow molded, and there is no requirement for shape, as long as it is easy to demould.
    From the aspect of production equipment, PET PET bottles are produced by injection blow molding equipment. When molding, the bottle mouth is first injection molded, thus ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the bottle mouth and thread parts, and then blowing the bottle body. The molding method of the device ensures a good sealing performance between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap.
    Food PET bottles are packaged in polystyrene (PS) bottles in terms of the variety of raw materials for bottles. Polystyrene is a non-crystalline resin material. Although it has good transparency, it has high brittleness, low strength, and raw materials. The molecule contains a benzene ring, which is not suitable for pharmaceutical packaging; it has a polycarbonate bottle (PC), which has high transparency and strength, but the price is relatively high;

    Polyester bottle (PET), which is used in pharmaceutical packaging, has high transparency, high strength, good moisture and gas barrier properties, and is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging;
    Polypropylene bottle (PP), the raw material of this bottle is high crystallinity PET, the molecules are arranged neatly and tightly, and the molecular force is strong. The reaction is strong in tensile strength, high rigidity, good gloss and good heat resistance. However, the flexibility and transparency are poor, and the amount of the drug package is large;
    High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle, which is crystalline PET, has good impact strength, good chemical resistance, good environmental stress resistance, and relatively low price. It is a bottle type with a very large amount of pharmaceutical packaging. First, its application has exceeded 1 billion.
    Therefore, we have learned from various aspects that the shape of food PET bottles is diverse for a reason.
    Jilian Plastic Mould is a Pet Preform Manufacturers that is favored in the market. We have various kinds of pet bottles, and also provide equipment for various products. Welcome customers who have needs to contact us. 

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