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Posted by David Scharf on May 5th, 2019

In the world of AI-assisted crypto trading bots, one’s efforts at due diligence tend to lead down interesting paths. Through my research into the Hashtechz crypto trading bot, I came to look carefully into the developers’ parent company, Omega Prime Group, and was pleasantly surprised to find a rare example of an investment firm with a truly forward-thinking investment thesis. It’s one that positions itself perfectly at the nexus of the three big forces that will reshape the global economy in the coming years and decades: big data, AI, and crypto.

I’m a full-time crypto trader but I got into the crypto game for more than just the 24/7 markets and exploitable volatility. I was initially attracted to the space because of the fundamental value proposition brought by Bitcoin and blockchain. It may sound like an exaggeration to say that this technology will have as big an impact on civilization as the development of writing itself, but my personal investment thesis posits exactly that. Let’s not forget, we are talking about a form of money and a system of accounting that – for the first time ever – is not and cannot be controlled by centralized authorities. That alone is revolutionary considering the pain and suffering that has been foisted upon free people by an elite whose darkest whims are enabled by the printing and control of an endless supply fiat currency. In a world where the value of the currencies we are forced to use are constantly diluted, the offer of an alternative with an unshakeable monetary policy, is already proving irresistible (Bitcoin’s market cap is already that of a medium sized country). But when you add to the application of money the ability to cheaply, reliably, without the possibility of corruption, and - for all intents and purposes - instantly transmit agreed upon information over long-periods of time and without geographic limitations (read: blockchain), the result is a technology-bundle that will reshape the way data is handled and processed for generations. As more and more people wake up to this reality, more and more human potential will be unlocked.

Omega Prime Group clearly understands the importance of this. Having spent GBP 50 million to aquire  Hashtechz – a cutting edge crypto trading bot developer – it has placed crypto squarely at the center of its investment thesis. Hashtechz, with its focus on data-driven AI, also fulfils the second and third (closely connected) prongs of Omega Prime Group’s thesis: that big data and the artificial intelligence derived from it have the potential to bring absurd value to those with access to the right tools.

There’s frankly no one I would trust more to help me leverage the paradigm shifting changes that are about to be unleashed by the rapidly evolving forces in financial technology: crypto, big data, and AI. Keep your eye on Omega Prime Group if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

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