The best tips for crystallising your costume for dancing

Posted by Costumes Au on May 6th, 2019

A dance costume plays a major role when it comes to dancing. When you step onto the stage, you want all the attention to be on you. You want to be the center of attention. It is, therefore, crucial you create a stunning costume to capture the imagination of the audience and leave a good impression. Whether you are planning your first performance or you are a veteran dancer, our tips will help you to design an unforgettable costume.

Plan your look

Before getting a bag of glittery crystals and going crazy with glue, you should take some time and plan your look. Planning is crucial to designing a great costume. You should think about the music: is the music classical or contemporary? Consider your performance; is it a traditional style or something avant-garde? You need to consider whether it is the first time that your audience has seen you dance or they have seen you dance several times.

It might be helpful to come up with a specific description of your upcoming performance and this includes the audience and the setting. Plan your costume appropriately and choose your crystals accordingly. Make sure you achieve a look that is appropriate to the music. Consider the shapes and colours that flatter your body the best. You need to highlight your movements.

Give your costume a twist

After settling on the perfect costume look for your performance, scrutinise it. The perfect dance is all about taking your audience by surprise. Your dance costume in Australia can make your audience to sit up and notice you. If you have a streamlined sleek look, add a concealed train or a hood that you can flourish to reveal the sparkle of crystals within. Never restrict your imaginations. Let them go wild.

Set aside some time

Planning is just half of the battle. You shouldn’t put your feet up as soon as you have come up with the perfect costume. Set aside some time and create the perfect costume. Factor in time for trying the costume on and make sure everything is perfect. If you don’t have enough time, you can get crystals that are easy to use and design a durable costume.

Choose your tools

Before you start creating the costume, you should ensure that you have the right tools. There are different options you can use to apply hotfix stones on your costume. You can use the stone setting machine, heat press, continuous fusing press, an ordinary iron or applicator gun. Choose the tool that works best for you. Also, consider your workspace and the intricacy of the design of your crystal when choosing the best tool.

You will need glue as your main ingredient when it comes to flatback no hotfix stones application. There is a wide range of good brands on the market and you can find first-person reviews when you search for crystal glue.


The main test for your dance costume is how well it will perform when you are dancing. When you have finished everything, try it on and see if it will do a good job.

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