Are Your Home Appliances Not Working Properly?

Posted by dexus media on May 6th, 2019

Are Your Home Appliances Not Working Properly?

LED and LCD TV Repair in Jaipur: All LED and LCD Electronics TV Repair Service Centers You can find the best one LED TV repair in Jaipur and choose. You need to know about your electronic equipment before you send your Appliances to the Service Center repair shop.

Whether you need LED TV repair services in Jaipur repairs on LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, 3D LED TVs, we make it easy to schedule TVs in all brands like Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Videocon LED TV Repair in Jaipur.

An average Indian family today uses at least 10 to 15 electronic devices and electronic devices of varying ages and brands, which demand minimum installation, calibration, proper accessories, and continuous tuning so that the minimum performance is 8 to 10 years continuous the optimum performance can be for the duration. 

With the high passive advancement of technology, electronic products and equipment face quick obsolescence, which employers search for spare parts for months without any profit.

Must Check These Qualities in LED TV Repair Centre: 


A Good TV Repair in Jaipur is a development-oriented business. Its ten-year target is to become a regional leader in TV / VCR / home stereo repair, in which there are shops in the Jaipur area. Keeping this in mind, the following objectives have been followed for Electronics Repair Centre. Get steady growth in sales and local market share (in the Jaipur area) gets around 20% Year five. Extend the product line to include authorized satellite service installation and new home entertainment electronics sales.


The mission of LED TV Electronics is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive TV / DVD / VCR and home electronics repair at low cost. The most important aspect of our service is trust. This is the goal of LEC TV Repair that 100% customer satisfaction with respect to quality, friendship and time of completion and, while doing so at the lowest possible cost, discovers new ways to overcome the expectations of our customers.

Key Success:

In the TV / VCR repair Service Centre, a company makes its customer base a customer at one time and through most established marketing practices (advertising, billboards, etc). Keeping this in mind, all services centre is the key to success for electronics:

Specific defects of LCD and LED TVs:

It is not necessary to consider the problem of electrolyte capacitors in the power supply module's rectifier filter, as it is a huge trend characteristic of the first generation of LCD TVs. It should be noted that problems with electrolytic capacitors in LED TVs are often seen less often. Perhaps this is due to the low consumption of power LED transducer.

  • Operating some first-generation LCD TVs with faulty power filter capacitors can cause software failure. First, the settings for the channels may disappear, sometimes there are specific distortions in "cinema" mode, and backlight adjustment cannot work properly.
  • Often the software is completely futile and does not include TV operating mode.
  • In such cases, after the repair of the power module, the contents of the EEPROM memory should be replaced.
  • One of the most popular in the supply of power supply is described separately in the article. In addition to the defects due to the failure of the electrolyte capacitor, we focus on two other specific defects of this module. With the breaking of the ring cracks in the soldering of turn-on transistor from standby mode, as well as the breakdown of the capacitor and the capacitor 2200pF and the breakdown of 0.22-ohm resistor in the power supply circuit of the major transistor of the converter.
  • The interference in the image is removed from the place of the 100uF 16V capacitor on the main board in the form of curved wishing strips attached to the poor filtering of the tuner's power supply. In this case, it is not necessary to change the capacitor in the tuner. Occasionally the owner acts contrary because of inadequate capacity, so such a replacement will be helpful for a little while.
  • Another popular specific malfunction of some LCD models. The use of gamma correction chips on the T-cone board. The defect is due to the deformation of color infections. The image becomes mild and resembles negative in some places.
  • In the latest LCD models, especially in Smart TV, there are problems associated with BGA soldering technology for highly integrated chips. In such cases, there may be a malfunction, usually with warming up, which is caused by a break in contact with the chip, which is related to the sites on the board.
  • The malfunction of LCD matrices can be a different topic for discussion, but it is understandable to consider the external manifestations of its flaws to some degree.
  • In most cases, these are flat vertical stripes on parts of the screen or its entire area. The bands may vary, in color and in both black and white of different thickness.
  • Sometimes the nature of the band is different from the external mechanical effect. Fixed image frames may appear.
  • Such faults of matrices are associated with contact disturbances in connection with the loop, which can sometimes be restored with heating.
  • In such cases, repair of the matrix in the repair cables is associated with its disturbances of contact and the duplication of connection with restoration or external conductors - the process is complex, is not recommended by the manufacturers and cannot always be a successful and reliable solution to the problem.
  • Due to the fact that the cost of the matrix is high, the cost of the TV is more than half, in most cases, the post-warranty TV owner refuses to change the matrix due to financial inability to repair.
  • In many models of the 5th Series LED TV, the panel (matrix) with sufficiently low-quality LEDs is installed, or the current is calculated incorrectly in the LED. It can present itself in the first year of the popular type of defect operation. In this case, there is no image.
  • At authorized service centers, on the recommendation of the manufacturer, they change the LED bar and limit the current in the LED drivers so that the TV can work in the least warranty period. And in cases of warranty, this problem is resolved by the owner in different ways depending on their qualification and contractual terms.

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our main focus is to make sure that the convenience and comfort of our customers are maintained while working towards carrying out the business – whether in the home or at the workplace. We also focus on offering our customers the confidence and the peace of mind that our team of technicians go through an extensive screening process, are extensively trained and are fully equipped to provide unmatched services to our customers every time they call for it. For year, we have maintained our position on the top of the food chain and to develop a working environment that motivates and inspires the team of technicians and other professionals to take on all sorts of work whether small or big with the same spirit and understanding and carry out every job with best of their ability along with offering complete customer satisfaction.

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