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Pregnancy is the most joyous moment of a women’s life, being pregnant is the most precious blessing from god to women who has the power to birth a life with lots of love and emotions but not all women are blessed to birth a child normally or happily sometimes due to health consequences abortions take place, other times unwanted pregnancy is the reason for abortion.

There are severalcommon reasons for abortions

  • Financial crisis
  • Emotionally, physically and mentally not prepared
  • Other children needs attention of their parents

Unplanned pregnancy may not be exciting and worrying you, many times accidental pregnancy happens for which one may not be ready due to mental health problems, working carrier and fetalabnormalities, sadly the couples decide to go for surgical abortions but why to put a women’s health on risk when one can follow natural home remedies for abortions which are easy.

  1. Sesame seeds and honey: soak sesame seeds for an overnight and strain it, drink the water for a month and see the reaction, the other method is fry some sesame seeds with honey  and consume it in good amount for better results, both the methods are considered to be the best Home Remedies For Abortion.
  2. Gulp Pineapple Juice: Pineapples are considered to best as self-abortion methods as it contains lot of vitamin C, other enzymes and chemicalswhich acts more inside the body of a woman and causes miscarriages very quickly causing no adverse effect on women’s health. Consume a glass of pineapple juice mixed with little water or eat bowlfull of pineapple slices everyday this sheds the utrinewalls and results in abortion.
  3. Acacia pods and shoots of banana: mix the pods of acacia and banana shoots in a bowl and set them dry in the sun, bring it back to shade and mix it with sugar, powder it finely and consumespoonful with water daily until bleeding starts, it’s not a very common solution but the most effective home remedy for abortion.
  4. Papaya fruit for abortion: it is considered to be as the most nutritious and mouthwatering fruit, abortion from papaya is the most common method among Indians and it’s followed since ancient times.  Eating papaya can instigate abortion and it is the best home remedy for abortion.
  5. Cohosh for abortion : these herbs are the effective natural home remedy options for abortion blue and back cohoshes when taken together induces abortion the caulosponin  and oxytocin present in the herb triggers softening of the cervix and utrine contractions  which ends up with an abortion.

Precautions to be taken before abortion

  • Be 100% sure of your decision for abortion.
  • Make sure you are a healthy person for consuming abortion remedies as the pink state of your health for adapting this method can cause discomfort andcomplications.
  • Do not consume these remedies if you have crossed 10 weeks of pregnancy as it may lead to severe and adverse effects on your health.

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